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Mahalo for visiting our website! My name is Matt and I founded Maui Activity Concierge based on my passion for guest services and my love for the island of Maui. As a former chef concierge at a leading luxury resort in here on Maui, I have experienced just about everything that Maui has to offer I want to share my experiences with you and your guests to ensure you have a great time! Maui Activity Concierge is 100% owned and operated right here on Maui and are a growing mom & pop’s company. Mahalo for supporting our local operation! Though I tend to spend a lot of time at work planning the dream vacation for guests, in my spare time I love to hang out with my dog Maggie and her dog friends, relax by the beach, and visit restaurants.

Regardless if you are coming to Maui with your a special someone, your family, extended family, a wedding group, company event, or just with a group of friends, our services are here to help you maximize your time on Maui. We plan all sorts of itineraries which include activities, services, restaurants, and car rentals and we understand how overwhelming it can get with all of the different options! My team and I are here to make your planning fun and easy.

One of the many unique things about Maui Activity Concierge is that we book things based on the experience our guests are looking to have, not just what comes up on TripAdvisor as being “the best” or what makes the most profit. We do not partner with any timeshares and our service is similar to any concierge you may find at any nice hotel. My team and I want to make a positive impact on your visit to the island and we want to share our aloha with you. Each guest has different interests and while some guests love a particular type of activity, keep in mind there are different ways you can do the same thing but have a totally different experience while doing it.

We are looking forward to working with you and your guests to have a great time here on Maui. Get started today by reaching out to us by phone, email, or checking out the rest of our website.  Mahalo nui (thank you) for your support of our locally owned and operated company!

Matt Morris

Founder & Lead Concierge
Email: info@mauiactivityconcierge.com
Voice: 808-868-0253

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