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Founded based on passion for customer service and our love for the island of Maui, our services allow guests regardless of where they are staying to receive resort quality Concierge service, complimentary. As a former chef concierge at a leading luxury resort in Wailea, Matt and his team has experienced all of the best activities, services, and restaurants and look forward to sharing these experiences with you. As full time residents of the island of Maui, we are happy to help make your time on Maui relaxing and enjoyable.  The island of Maui offers a wide variety of incredible places to see as well as one-of-a-kind trips that will create memories for years to come. We believe that each guest has their own interests and needs and we can cater to just about any needs. Maui is a very special place to us and we want to share the island with our guests. In addition to confirming activities, we are a full service concierge and we can assist in planning a romantic dinners to coordinating custom experiences. Please let us know how we can assist you further!

Matt Morris



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