June 29, 2019
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What is a Concierge?

What Is A Concierge? A concierge is a professional that should be someone that is your “go to” person if you have any questions or need additional feedback about restaurants, trip options, and other planning needs. While as a concierge we strive to have the answers to every question tough sometimes requests may need a little more time to collect information and report back with their finding to guests.  A concierge can truly be your best friend when it comes […]
June 14, 2019

How to Pick The Best Luau On Maui

Maui offers a variety of luau’s and it can get a little overwhelming on which one may be the best fit for you. While reviews are helpful, keep in mind that just because something has good reviews does not mean that it is the experience you are looking for. With so many luau options offered on Maui, how you do you know what one to book? Luau’s are offered in different areas of the island though all luaus on Maui […]
May 29, 2019

Group Activity Management

Traveling to Maui with a wedding, family reunion, or company gathering? Allow Maui Activity Concierge to assist you with all of your group activity needs so you can focus on having a relaxing time. Our services are similar to a Destination Management Company (DMC), however, we focus only on the activity portion of your stay without having to worry about excessive planning fees. Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or info@mauiactivityconcierge.com to get started. Weddings We understand that it can be […]
October 12, 2018
Maui Car Rental

Renting A Car On Maui

Maui Car Rental Guide & Helpful Information by Matt Morris, Lead Concierge Maui Activity Concierge Renting a car is highly recommended when coming to Maui as there are so many places to check out during your stay. The added convenience of hopping in the car and go is also another big factor why we recommend renting a car. Guests are often used to larger cities with ride share apps like Uber or Lyft, however, please keep in mind that as […]
October 5, 2018
Maui Dinner Cruise

Maui Wedding & Group Activity Recommendations

Maui Wedding & Group Activity Recommendations on Maui by Matt Morris Lead Concierge at Maui Activity Concierge, LLC Just after the busy summer months are over and the kids go back to school is another season we call “wedding season”.  During the fall time, many guests visit with their closest friends and family to get married on Maui and we wanted to share some of our top recommendations for group activities to consider.  Each guest has their own ideas and […]
September 7, 2018

Kihei & Wailea Dining Recommendations

by Matt Morris – Lead Concierge, Maui Activity Concierge, LLC The island of Maui has many great places to dine. While some guests prefer more casual dining establishments, other guests prefer to be wined & dining at some of the leading island restaurants. South Maui (Kihei & Wailea areas) has many great places to dine out for any occasion. We highly recommend that guests plan ahead of time for making reservations at any of the fine dining restaurants.  Some of […]
April 26, 2017
Things to do in Paia Town

Casual Dining in Kihei & Wailea Areas

Great Casual Places to Dine in Kihei & Wailea Enjoy some of Maui’s best food in the South Maui area. By Matt Morris Owner & Lead Concierge Maui is known for its awesome restaurants and there are many places to dine all over the island. For those guests staying in South Maui (Kihei / Wailea) or for those who just wish to make the drive down to the South side, you may wish to check out some of these great […]
April 18, 2017

Best Maui Beaches

Favorite Maui Beaches by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge The island of Maui has miles and miles of beautiful beaches to consider enjoying while visiting and we wanted to share some of our favorite beaches with you. Typically on Maui, the afternoon trade winds tend to pick up in the early afternoon hours and while some days it can get really gusty, other days it can be a lighter breeze. There is no such thing as a “better […]
April 12, 2017
Things to do in Paia

Thing To Do In Paia Town

Thing to do in the Paia area by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge Paia Town Located along Maui’s northern shoreline, this unique little town is quite bustling with activities and things to do. There are many small shops and restaurants in the area and the town is mostly known as the “starting” point of the Road to Hāna. Known for its hippy, bohemian, surfer-like atmosphere, this town is really fun to stay at or visit during your stay. […]
March 30, 2017

Afternoon Trips on Maui

For those guests looking to sleep in and avoid the early morning tours, there are a few great choices to consider going on during your time on Maui. Though the morning trips are usually a little more popular, the afternoon trips are usually a little less crowded and not to mention, a less in price too. Some guests just find the afternoon trips to work better in their schedule as I find that a lot of guests really enjoy spending […]