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Thing To Do In Paia Town
April 12, 2017
Things to do in Paia Town
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April 26, 2017

Favorite Maui Beaches

by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge

The island of Maui has miles and miles of beautiful beaches to consider enjoying while visiting and we wanted to share some of our favorite beaches with you. Typically on Maui, the afternoon trade winds tend to pick up in the early afternoon hours and while some days it can get really gusty, other days it can be a lighter breeze. There is no such thing as a “better day” to go to the beach though we do recommend enjoying in the late morning into the early afternoon before the winds pick up. As always, we want our guest to experience the most of  Maui though please remember to enjoy the ocean responsibly and be alert of the current conditions present for that day. Below I have included some further recommendations and safety details to review as well. You may also find our favorite beaches on our custom Map of Maui and below you can learn more about of our favorite beaches on Maui. Please contact me with any questions!

Keawakapu Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Kihei / Wailea
This stretch of beach is really beautiful. There are three main parking areas to utilize including one of the northern end of the beach and one of the southern end of the beach and one in between the ends of the beach. All of the entrance areas feature freshwater outdoor showers to rinse off after along with parking facilities. The beach itself is quite sandy with some concentrated areas that have lava rocks present. During most days, the waves and overall swimming conditions are very enjoyable. The beach is fairly large in size and there is ample room for everyone to enjoy, and it is a very long stretch of beach as well. I would recommend walking a little further away from entrance and exit areas as people tend to crowd here though it can be nice to walk just a little past this area as there are often less people present.

Kamaole Beach II

Location: Google Maps
City: Kihei

Located in the heart of Kihei, this beach offers a lot of conveniences for guests to enjoy including public restrooms, freshwater showers, and lifeguards. There is a large parking lot located just across the street along with some street parking as well. The ABC Store (a convenience store) is also nearby as well. I really like this beach due to it’s close proximity to just about any accommodation in Kihei (for the most part) and it is really accessible from the street when walking with beach gear. Another reason to like this beach is that there is decent snorkeling opportunity on either end of the beach, though please be cautious of the rocks and currents when enjoying. Boogie boarding is really great at this beach as well as there can be some decent sized waves to enjoy here.

Big Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Makena

This beach is quite well known on Maui as the views of the neighboring island of Kahoolawe and Molokini are stunning. The water here is often aqua blue and the sand is always bleach white. Big Beach has 2 main parking facilities and it is recommended to get there early as parking is always limited due to its popularity. Big Beach is also known for another reason, it’s large, shore breaking waves. As beautiful as it is, please ensure to enjoy the beach and be aware of the dangerous waves that often pound the shoreline. The water becomes shallow really quickly and when the waves break, they break very hard right at the shore. It is always a good idea to speak with the lifeguard before heading out if you are unfamiliar with the conditions found at this beach. This is a great beach for a morning walk or a day in the sun with friends and family. There are hardly any rocks here, except at the very ends of the beach.  This beach, in particular, is very wide between the water and the vegetation so there is ample room for everyone to enjoy the beach. Please enjoy this beach responsibly and read the signage before entering the water!

Olowalu Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Lahaina

Located on the long stretch of beach on the way out to Lahaina Town from the airport (OGG) and Kihei/Wailea, this scenic roadside beach is located on a large reef which you will often see guests paddle boarding, kayaking, and diving at. There are many places to pull over and enjoy the views and often it is protected from the afternoon winds, pending the day. Though this area is not really the best for swimming since is on a shallow reef, it is great for guests with young kids that play in the shoreline or for guests just looking to sit back, read a book, and enjoy the views. There are not any facilities found at the beach other than a few remote portable restrooms towards the Ma’alaea side of the beach. This beach is a great place to catch the sunset at if you end up gettting stuck in traffic in the evenings (especially on the weekends when it is usually pretty backed up!).

Ka’anapali Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Ka’anapali

This is one of Maui’s best-known beaches as it is nearly 3 miles long and goes right through the Kaanapali area. This beach does have large resorts and condo building near it so it is often packed with visitors staying nearby. There are many different beach access points found here and at times parking can be a little limited. Some access points do have public facilities including restrooms and fresh water showers while other will not. Once you arrive, you will quickly see why so many guests enjoy it as the views are just incredible! One of the more popular areas to visit on this beach is located on Kaanapali Parkway and it is called “Black Rock” which is a massive jetty that sticks out into the ocean, making it quite dramatic view.

DT Fleming Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Kapalua

This is one of the fastest beaches to visit on Maui for most guests since it is located in Kapalua on Maui’s northwestern side of the island though the beach offers great views and usually has great boogie boarding waves to check out. There are facilities here including parking, restrooms, showers, and they do have lifeguards as well. Commonly in the winter months, the waves tend to be higher due to its location and the swell here can, at times, be quite large. The beach is pretty big and there is ample room for guests to spread out and enjoy a day at the beach. There are not any convenience stores located immediately in the area, though there are some in the Napili area which is not too far away to drive to if you need something.

Baldwin Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Paia Town

This beach is on Maui’s north facing shore and often has a nice breeze and often times it can be quite breezy throughout the entire day. This location offers guests lifeguards and facilities including restrooms and a freshwater shower. Due to the consistent winds found here, it is quite often that you will see kiteboarders and windsurfers here enjoying the conditions. Though the beach is quite nice, the bottom can be a little rocky in some areas pending the swell and the recent conditions here. This is another great beach to visit earlier in the day before the winds pick up too much, though it is also great for a nice stroll on the beach or to relax with a nice book. Baldwin beach is located just before you arrive in Paia Town coming from the airport. Paia Town offers many great casual places to eat for lunch as well as a few convenience stores as well if you need anything for the beach.

Hamoa Beach

Maui Location: Google Maps
City: Hāna Town

A must stop beach along the famous Road to Hana! Located in the small town of Hana on Maui’s far northeastern side of the island, this beach offers beautiful views and refreshing waters to swim in. Due to its remote location, you would most likely only stop here when you are visiting Hana for the day and most likely would not make the drive from the West or South Maui areas to visit since it takes about 2+ hours to get to from these locations. There are fresh water showers and restrooms available here and it is a great beach to get out of the car and have a picnic lunch at before continuing your journey to Hāna. The access road can be a little easy to miss since it is a fairly small road though usually, you will see other guests and locals entering and exiting this area throughout the day. The beach is located down a fairly steep angled driveway so it can be a little challenging to access pending your ability.

Other Helpful Beach Recommendations

Costco sells the best umbrellas and beach chairs though most accommodations will have some items already stocked for your use. If you need extra, stop at Costco in Kahului, they have a great selection of the Tommy Bahama chairs and umbrellas along with reef safe sunblock.

  • Bring a small bag for any rubbish to throw away any items. We hope to keep our beaches clean for everyone to enjoy including locals and visitor alike.
  • “When in doubt, don’t go out!” If you are not sure of the conditions or are not familiar with the various hazards found such as shore breaking waves, current, and murky water, do not go out! Check out the Maui County Ocean Safety Video for more details. Please enjoy Maui’s beach responsibly!
  • It is usually a good idea if you are new around the ocean to visit where there is a lifeguard present and other visitors nearby. Ocean safety is really important and we want guests to enjoy the island to fullest and have a safe and memorable experience.
  • If the water is brown in color due to high surf or excess runoff water, it is usually not the best idea to go out. Often times after heavy rain, the drainage ditches run into the ocean.
  • Be aware of the conditions and the items that may be present on the bottom of the ocean such as lava rocks, wana (urchin), rocks, and shore breaking waves.

We hope that this information is helpful to you and your ‘ohana (family). You may wish to check out our Map of Maui which highlights some of our favorite attractions and beaches to visit along with roads to take to get there. Have questions or need help with planning your Maui itinerary? Learn more today by visiting our website at or by contacting us by phone at 808-868-0253, by email, or by using our Contact Us Form today to get started. Wishing you safe travels to Maui and we are looking forward to being of further assistance to you!


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