September 12, 2016

Luxury Activities & Services on Maui

Luxury Activities & Services on Maui by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge The island of Maui is located more than 2500 miles away from the nearest major land mass though the island features some pretty over-the-top luxury activities for guests looking to experience the island in a different way. From luxury yacht rentals to private helicopter charter, Maui has it all. The best activities and services book up quickly and advanced planning is highly recommended! Here are some […]
September 6, 2016

Visiting Haleakalā National Park

Haleakalā National Park by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge With a summit that soars more than 10,000ft above sea level, the Haleakalā National Park is Maui’s largest attraction. Though the drive itself is only about 40 miles from Kahului Town (Where the airport is), the steep elevation along the way makes the drive to be about 2 hours to get to the summit area of the Park. Haleakalā (pronounce “hal-lay-aka-lah”) makes up nearly the entire eastern portion of […]
August 18, 2016
Maui Dinner Cruise

Maui Wedding Group Activities

Ho’omaika’i ana (congratulations) on your upcoming wedding!  The island of Maui offers many fun activities for wedding group guests and Maui Activity Concierge is happy to help you experience the island to create memories to last a lifetime.  Whether you are bringing all of your friends and family or just a small group of guests, we are here at your service to  help you! Advanced planning is key when planning any group activities and we wanted to share some unique […]
August 8, 2016

Private Concierge Services on Maui

Private Concierge Services on Maui Maui Activity Concierge provides luxury Concierge services for guests staying at private accommodations around the island of Maui. Our services can compliment your property by assisting your guests to coordinate and recommend various activities, convenient services, and restaurants based on guests interests. As a locally owned and operated small business on Maui, we have years of hospitality experience, island knowledge, and the aloha spirit to ensure your guests have a memorable time on Maui. Maui’s most popular activities […]
July 18, 2016

Our Favorite Maui Activities

Our Favorite Maui Activities The island of Maui has many fun activities and attractions to consider doing while on vacation. Whether you are looking to explore the culture by attending a luau or need the rush of ziplining, there is something for every interest and age. Over the years of being a Concierge here on Maui, I find that even though there are so many adventures offered on Maui, there are some that just simply standout more to us as top […]
July 14, 2016
Restaurant guide

Private Chef Services

Regardless if you are looking to have a wedding reception, a meal with friends and family, or for a group function, we are here to help you have a great dining experience.  Private Chef services are one of the more popular requests we receive and we wanted to share some tips and recommendations when thinking about having this service before your arrival to Maui.  Here are some things to consider when considering this unique experience: Plan Ahead:  Our #1 recommendation for this […]
May 5, 2016

Our NEW Activity Portal

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our NEW online Activity Portal which allows guests to explore, read about, and book activities online!  We pride ourself on booking Maui’s best quality vendors and we are so excited to share information and images about each of the trips that we recommend. There are literally 100’s of choices out there for activities and it is really hard to narrow down the options at times and when we were building our portal, we […]
November 19, 2015
Haleakala Sunset trip

Haleakala Sunset

Haleakalā Sunset by matt morris Soaring 10,000ft above sea level, the Haleakalā summit is one of the most incredible viewing spot on the island of Maui.  Located about 1.5 hours away from Central Maui (Kahului), this trip will certainly be one journey you will not want to miss out during your stay on Maui!  Although the most popular time of the day to visit the Haleakalā National Park is during the early morning hours to see the sunrise, the sunset […]
August 24, 2015

Rainy Day Activities

Maui has several unique climates and each area of the island has different weather.  Though it is quite uncommon to have rain all day here in Maui, there are still some great things to see and do in between the raindrops and we wanted to share some fun things for you to do if it is raining: Aquarium:  Check out various marine life found in Hawai’i including fish, corals, rays, and even sharks!  Located at the Ma’alaea Harbor, this aquarium […]
August 20, 2015
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Maui by Land, Sea, & Air

Maui is a very unique and special place to visit.  In addition to the picture perfect beaches, scenic drives, and incredible views of the surrounding islands, guests have the opportunity to explore the island in so many different ways!  Guests who are visiting for the first time or have been coming year after year can usually tell you that there is a ton of activities to do and there is never enough time to do them all.  One of my […]