Booking Policies

Mahalo for using Maui Activity Concierge! Prior to confirming your activity, we will review all of the pertinent details of the activity/service (attire, check in time/location, booking policies, etc.) before we proceed with you booking. Please read carefully below as the details below contain valuable information about Maui Activity Concierge Booking Policies/Terms & Conditions as well as our Waiver of Rights and Release of Liability.

We are looking forward to help you! You may contact us by phone at 808-868-0253 or via email at with any questions you have about the booking policies.

Upon booking:

A credit card is required to hold/guarantee your booking. Payment will be taken from the credit card provided 72 hours (3 days) prior to your activity date. All guests will receive a complimentary itinerary with details of their booking(s) by date. Upon booking, we will kindly ask additionally for any pertinent details about your stay while on Maui such as a contact number, email address, dates of stay, etc. Only pertinent information such as name, phone number, etc. will be shared directly with vendors for booking purposes in the event the vendor needs to contact you. Please see below for further details and policies.


All bookings will require a method of payment at least 72 hours (3 days) prior to the activity or service. Upon booking, a credit card is required to guarantee bookings. Guests credit cards will not be processed until 72 hours (3 days) prior to the activity or service. We accept all major credit cards. Guests credit cards will be processed 72 hours (3 days) prior to your activity or service and guests will receive an updated itinerary along with receipt for payment for their records via email if requested. In the event a credit card may not be processed (card declines, guests has new card, etc.), Maui Activity Concierge will attempt to make contact with the guest to collect alternative method of payment. Credit Card processing failure may result in cancellation of the tour without notice if Maui Activity Concierge is unable to reach the guest to collect an alternative method of payment.


We understand that at times guests need to rearrange their plans. The standard cancellation policy is 72 hours (3 days) from your activity date. Some vendors do require greater cancellation notice pending on the vendors policy, size of the reservation, or for other reasonings these details will be reviewed accordingly in the event the vendor has a non-standard cancellation policy. Guests cancelling within 72 hours (3 days) prior to the activity/service is subject to full penalty unless another cancellation policy is in affect for your activity or service. Vendors typically have various cancellation policies for large bookings. Prior to booking, we would be happy to go over these details with you and send confirmation of the cancellation policy as well. Vendors do reserve the rights to cancel pending on environmental conditions and vendors will determine if cancellation due to these conditions are needed for their tour. Some tour do operate in less desirable conditions unless the vendor determines the tour needs to be cancelled. The vendor reserves the right to make a weather call and the vendor will contact the guest & Maui Activity Concierge accordingly to make any adjustments. We will gladly assist in finding an alternative date and time that may work for you.

Date Changes:

We understand that your itinerary may need to change from time to time due to changes in your travel plans or other occurrences. We would be happy to assist in updating your itinerary based upon vendor availability and/or cancellation policy. Most companies on Maui do not offer various rates based on the day of the week which makes it easier to adjust dates of activities as long as it is outside of any penalty period (see cancellation policy). Please note that any date changes made inside of the cancellation policy is subject to full penalty. We would be happy to assist in updating your booking accordingly – Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to change/modify you’re booking after it is confirmed. Please refer to additional policies outlined below.

Guest Count(s):

Upon availability we would be happy to assist in confirming additional guests on your tour upon checking availability in advance after you tour is booked with the vendor. We understand that from time to time guest change their mind and would like to join on an activity with the other guest. In the event you may need to reduce the total amount/number of guests for any activity, please notify us as soon as possible. Reduction in the total number of guests for an activity or service must be done before the cancel period outlined for your booking. Any modification to the booking may result in a penalty. Modifications made within the cancellation period are also subject to full penalty. Please notify us directly in the event that there are any changes to your party. We understand that plans change and we will make every effort to make any changes for your party. Please see below for further policies.


Maui Activity Concierge has worked with our selected vendors and we have utilized the services they offer for years. We have had relationships with our vendors and worked with them to book many guests. The vendors we select are licensed, insured, and have certified/trained staff to help you on your activity or service. We work very hard to maintain aloha with all activity vendors and service providers here on Maui and we are excited to share these fun activities and services with you and your ‘ohana. If at any time there are questions or concerns during the tour that they speak with their certified staff immediately. Maui Activity Concierge is a service to assist confirm/book the best experience for the guest(s) based on the criteria the guest(s) provide and we rely on specifications that guests provide to us during booking.


We would like to ensure guests have a memorable and fun time while here on Maui. The safety of our guests and service provider colleagues is extremely important to us. There are risks involved with participating in any activity regardless if it is an activity, service, or dining experience and there may be dangers associated with any of these. Guests are to use their own judgment on their level of skill to
handle situations as they arise as well during the booking process. The service providers are certified and trained to address issues associated with their activity. If any anytime there are questions, please notify the service provider immediately. We would be happy to assist with any additional questions that you may have before booking as well. Maui is a very special place and we would like to ensure that all guests enjoy Maui responsibly while making lasting memories. Mahalo for using Maui Activity Concierge. Aloha.

Waiver of Rights and Release of Liability:

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY: THIS FORM RELEASES MAUI ACTIVITY CONCIERGE LLC FROM ALL LIABILITY I am aware that there are dangers and inherent risks when participating in the activities or services that have been arranged (the “Activities”). I am voluntarily participating in these Activities and/or being the parent, guardian or person having the care and custody of the child/children/minor(s) (individually or collectively referred to as the “Child”) hereby consent to their participation in the Activities. I have informed Maui Activity Concierge of any physical limitations that I (and the Child) may have. I understand Maui Activity Concierge will rely upon the information that I provide. I hereby release Maui Activity Concierge LLC, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, shareholders, members, managers, representatives, employees, and agents (“Releasees”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, costs, and expenses, including, but not limited to, personal injury, property damage or wrongful death relating in any way to my (and the Child’s) use of the equipment rented from Releases or their contractors, the Activities or any activities incidental thereto. THIS INCLUDES, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY CLAIMS, DAMAGES OR ACTIONS ARISING OR RESULTING FROM THE ORDINARY NEGLIGENCE OF RELEASEES. I hereby agree to waive any and all such claims and declare that this Waiver and Release is to be binding upon my (and the Child’s) heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns. I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT I (AND THE CHILD) FOREVER GIVE UP ANY RIGHT TO SUE OR MAKE CLAIM AGAINST THE RELEASEES IF I (OR THE CHILD) SUFFER INJURY OR DAMAGE EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT KNOW WHAT OR HOW EXTENSIVE THE INJURY OR DAMAGE MAY BE. I HEREBY PERSONALLY ASSUME ALL RISKS WHETHER FORESEEN OR UNFORESEEN IN CONNECTION WITH THE MY (AND THE CHILD’S) USE OF THE EQUIPMENT, THE ACTIVITIES AND ANY ACTIVITIES INCIDENTAL THERETO AND FURTHER TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASEES FROM ANY CLAIM BY ME, THE CHILD, OR MY FAMILY, THE CHILD’S FAMILY, ESTATE, HEIRS OR ASSIGNS, RELATED THERETO. In the event an injury has occurred, I hereby give full permission to and its staff to provide appropriate care for such injury to include transportation to an appropriate medical facility and/or emergency services such as ambulance, rescue, etc.


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