Call Center Solutions

We are now able to fulfill your companies customer service needs through our activity reservation and call center department. This service is great for activity-related businesses based on the island of Maui that are in need assistance in providing professional customer service to their guests. As a small locally owned and operated company, we understand how difficult it can be to answer phone calls, texts, and emails while you are trying to simultaneously run your operation. Each company is different and we strongly believe that a customer’s first impression of your business is important and it starts with the customers initial contact. Our agents understand the importance of having first hand knowledge of activities in order to property book and promote an activity. As a luxury minded company, we want to provide professional yet personalized experiences and to ensure that guests have a positive first impression of your company from start to finish.

Our customer service experience can include calls, text, and emails pending your operations needs. We find that most guests enjoy and also appreciate being able to have a brief conversation. We highly encourage companies to consider upgrading to include the text component to their service. Our agents are happy to have a quick conversation with guests by text to reconfirm their booking or answer questions that your guests may have if they do not wish to call in.


Matt Morris

Founder & Lead Concierge
Voice: 808-868-0253