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Aloha and mahalo for your interest in making arrangements for a private chef service. Regardless if you are looking for an upscale dinner experience or a casual family gathering, we are happy to assist in making your experience relaxing and enjoyable. Chef services do naturally take a little time to arrange as there is a lot of involvement and back and forth on our end with the chef and we hope that we can better service you faster by completing our Chef Service Request Form below. Please take a few quick moments to complete the form below to the best of your ability and keep in mind the more accurate / detailed information you can provide the quicker we can come up with several options that you may consider.

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Helpful Tips When Planning a Chef Service
- Advanced planning is highly recommended
- Quotes take time to get from the chef as each menu has different pricing
- The more details and accuracy that can be provided about the meal, the better and faster we can assist
- Pricing will be provided once we receive your details and connect with the chef

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