Frequently Asked Questions

Maui is a very special place and we are happy to share our extensive island knowledge with you. There are several frequently asked questions about using Maui Activity Concierge as your preferred island Concierge along with commonly asked questions about the island that we wanted to share with you. We are here to make your stay relaxing, enjoyable, and easy!

Why Should We Use Your Service?

Maui Activity Concierge is a small locally owned and operated business based right here on Maui. There are 100’s of activities offered on the island though we are here to help guide you and your party in finding the right expereinces for your needs. We partner with preferred vendors to ensure that our guests have an experience they will not forget and many of the options we work with are also locally owned & operated. We greatly appreciate your support of our company!

Do we have to go to a TimeShare presentation?

We do not partner with or have any affiliation with TimeShares. Our service contacts directly with preferred vendors and guests will simply need to arrive at the location of the activity and enjoy.

When Should I Start Planning

Advance planning is required for just about everything on Maui and we highly recommend to plan any of your ‘must do’ items first and then schedule the other items around those activities. Many guests do not realize how limited services and activities are and planning last minute is not suggested. Typically we suggest planning 2 or 3 things ahead of time to give a little structure to your stay and to ensure there is availability for things you are certain that you wish to do while on Maui.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or by EMAIL to get started.

I've never been to Maui before, what should I do?

E welina mai (welcome)!  The island of Maui has so many thing to see and do and rather than us telling you what to do or just booking you on what people say is “popular”, we would rather take the time to really discuss options and go over items that fit your needs. Each guest has different needs and we find that most guests appreciate the extra care and information. If you are on the go, you can always visit our booking portal online here to get started:

Do you have more questions or need assistance in making a custom itinerary? Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or at EMAIL to get started!

Should I rent a car?

YES! Most guests do not realize how big the island of Maui really is and it is essential to rent a car. It seems that most guests these days are use to the convenience of ride share apps and taxi, however, keep in mind that ride share apps can not take you everywhere on Maui and they may not be readily available either. Car rentals are a huge time and money saver as the cost of the ride share apps can add up really fast.

Take advantage of our flat seasonal rates with AVIS located at the Kahului Airport (OGG)!  Below are the current rates for 2019 based on a one to seven night stay and further below are some helpful tips and other details. You may learn more or request a booking here: 

Can you help us with a large group of people?

Yes! We work with a lot of wedding groups and other larger sized parties and we can assist in coordinating any activities that your party may need. Advance planning is required for groups especially for charters and other activities such as snokreling trips, luaus, and day trips.  Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or by EMAIL to get started.

Can you assist in custom or private tours?

For guests looking for exclusive charters or trips, Maui Activity Concierge can assist. We have coordinated many private charters from boats to helicopter, Hana Tours to Private Chefs. Get started today by contacting us at 808-868-0253 or at

What is the weather like?

Year around, Maui is a very pleasant place to visit. Temperatures range from the mid-70’s year around and there is usually a nice trade wind blowing.  Keep in mind that even though you are coming to paradise, places like Haleakala National Park or other places located at higher elevations can be a little chilly at times.  The National Park can have temperatures in the 40’s in the mornings and evenings with gusty winds so please ask if you have questions on what to bring!  The beach cities are usually very pleasant to be around and for the most part Maui is a very casual places so it’s not required to bring you best suite and tie here.

What other islands should I visit when I come to Maui?

As special as Maui is, many guests come from long distances away to have the Hawaiian experience and wish to visit other islands during their stay. Maui Activity Concierge is pleased to assist you and your ‘ohana (family) in exploring the islands of Hawai’i to the fullest. Neighboring Island Day Trips from Maui are available that take guests to other islands such as the Big Island of Hawai’i, O’ahu, Lana’i, and Molokai’i.  You can check out some of our favorite neighboring island activities online via our booking portal or you can give us a call at 808-868-0253 or send us an email.

Can you help find less crowded options?

We are pretty picky with which companies that we recommend to our guests. We find that there are several larger companies here on Maui that tend to use key words and images on their sites to make it seem like there will be less guests or that the trip is guaranteed to be something that it may not quite be.  Maui Activity Concierge, LLC works with preferred service providers and our focus is on our guests having a quality experience that they will remember for years to come. Our services do not partner with timeshares or service providers that we feel do not match the values and needs of our guests and we strive to book things that are the best fit for our guests, not just because they have tons of 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. We often speak to guests that only want to book what TripAdvisor has listed as a top activity and most guests do not realize that just because a trip was great for another guest and they wrote about it online, it does not necessarily mean that it’s the right trip for you and your party. While reviews are important, just remember that we live here locally and are a professional and quality concierge service provider. There are a LOT of options here on Maui and we tend to stick with providers we feel are more quality oriented. Contact us today to get started, we are here to help create a custom experience with options that are right for you based on your needs as a guest.

What are your booking policies?

We work with a wide variety of vendors and each has their own cancellation policies.  The average vendor has a 72 hour cancel policy though other options may have longer cancel periods such as 7 day or some options may be non-refundable. At times, if you have a larger sized party that are booking more seats, there may be a longer cancel policy. Each activity on our website will have the booking policies list and please ensure to understand the cancel policy for your item(s) before you book.

The cancellation period will be listed on your confirmation itinerary that we email to you for your records. Once inside of the cancel policy, we are not able to cancel or refund the bookings as we will pay the vendor in full at the cancel period.  The cancel policy is also noted on each activity on our website. It is recommended that you consider purchasing travel insurance with your insurance provider in case there is an emergency. Visit our Booking Policies to learn more.

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