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May 9, 2015
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May 16, 2015
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Spacious Seating and Great Views!

Experiencing a tour from high above will certainly give you a great perspective of Maui .  Recently, I had the opportunity to join Mavericks Helicopters on a tour and wanted to share this incredible Maui experience with you.  The check in process is very quick and easy as all you will need to bring with you is a Government issued ID (such as a drivers license or passport) and a camera.  After check in you will head out to the helicopter with the pilot to go over a brief safety overview and talk about the various features of the helicopter.  After that, we were ready to take off on our journey around East Maui and Haleakala!


maui fun concierge activity

Departing the Kahului Heliport











Just after take off, we are already soaring high above the ground and the cars started to look like little toys the higher we went.  Right after take off, we immediately started to see the massive sugar cane fields that fill the central valley of Maui.  Sugar cane and has played such a huge role in our culture on Maui and our pilot was very good at informing us about information about the sugar cane fields.  Our pilot was very polite in being informative, yet allowing the passengers to enjoy the view.


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The view coming around south Maui.












After flying over the central Maui valley, we came around the southern tip of the island over the La Perouse Bay and over the small town of Ulupalakua.   As we approached this region, the landscape change from the vast sugar cane fields to dry, desert like conditions that are commonly found in this region of the island.  From above the clouds, the ravines look like little cracks in the earth and the clouds slowly moved along.



maui fun activity concierge Haleakala

Exploring Haleakala from high above












The next location that we saw just after coming around the southern tip of Maui is Haleakala.  When flying above the volcano, it really gives you a much better perspective of the sheer size of the Haleakala National Park.  The combinations of earth tones and the gulches from high above certainly make this trip worth bringing your camera! Typically, Haleakala does not have very much cloud coverage in the morning and tends to accumulate clouds through out the day.  Though the day we went was slightly overcast the views were still amazing!



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Beautiful Maui waterfalls












After spending some time around the Haleakala National Park, we continue our journey around the island and approached Hana.  The scenery began to change as the dry desert like conditions slowly turn more lush.  It is common to see waterfalls as the tour begins to get closer to Hana due to the amount of rain that falls here.  As shown in the image above are several beautiful waterfalls on the backside of the island and it is common to see them flowing into the gulches below. As the pilot circled around the gulch, all of the guests on the flight could get an opportunity to see these falls.



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Hana Maui Waterfalls












The landscape continues become more and more lush until you reach the outskirts of Hana and the east Maui portion region of the island.  Approaching Hana, there are a lot of trees and waterfalls to see and will certainly make for excellent picture taking opportunities.  For those guests traveling the Road to Hana, you will certainly see many roadside waterfalls and amazing views, though due to the tree coverage it would be nearly impossible to see the falls that are high up on along the mountain side like the one above.


Maui fun activity concierge activities on maui

Spacious Seating and Great Views!












What a journey through the back side of Maui!  This Hana and Haleakala Tour is about 50 minutes long and is offered at various times around the day.  The experience of flying in a helicopter really adds a lot of great value to any vacation on Maui and offers a chance to explore the island in a different way.  This incredible air craft was very comfortable and spacious for all of the guests on board.  I can not stop thinking about the experience and overall how enjoyable the tour was!  Though I have explored Maui heavily by food, experiencing Maui from above certainly gives me an even better appreciation of this incredible place I am lucky enough to call home.


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What a great Maui experience!












Tips for flying:

– Wear dark clothes as this will help minimize the reflection in the window.  Usually I find that avoiding clothes with patterns also helps too with the reflection.

– Arrive about 30-45 minutes early as this will allow enough time to locate the heliport, park, and check in.

– Avoid bringing bulky items that are not necessary for the tour.  Really all you need is your ID and a camera!

– We would recommend booking reservations in advance, mostly due to the popularity of exploring Maui by a helicopter.

– Helicopters typically may hold up to 6 passengers at one time.


There are many great trips offered by air including various trips around Maui and even tours to some of our neighboring islands.  There are many incredible sites to see including landscapes, sea cliffs (some of the tallest in the world!), and even whales (during whale season).

Mahalo for a great flight!


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