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August 8, 2016
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September 6, 2016
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Maui Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a beautiful Maui sunset during dinner.

Ho’omaika’i ana (congratulations) on your upcoming wedding!  The island of Maui offers many fun activities for wedding group guests and Maui Activity Concierge is happy to help you experience the island to create memories to last a lifetime.  Whether you are bringing all of your friends and family or just a small group of guests, we are here at your service to  help you!

Advanced planning is key when planning any group activities and we wanted to share some unique activities that are great for groups of all sizes. Each couple has their own interests and we are happy to help you find the right options for you and your guests.  Here are some options to consider for your wedding group while on Maui:

A luau is traditionally held as a means of celebration and whatslider1 better way to celebrate a marriage than by attending a luau?  The show will include live music, hula dancing, a full buffet with traditional / non-traditional items, a host, and an open bar for your guests to enjoy.  Luaus are held in the evening time as the sun is setting to create an even better atmosphere. The options that we like to recommend also include Polynesian fire knife dancing (fire dancers) which add a little extra excitement to the show. Seating is usually done in round tables that hold about 10 guests each and most shows will offer Premium Seating (closer to the stage) or Standard Seating (general admission). We highly recommend avoiding to drive to the opposite side of the island in relation to where you and your guests are staying due to the distance, time, and traffic, not to mention the cost of hiring a private transfer. If you are staying in the Kihei / Wailea area, we recommend the Grand Luau and if you are staying in the Lahaina / Ka’anapali area, we recommend the Polynesian Luau. We can also assist you in a private luau at your accommodation pending any restrictions that the property may have.

Maui Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a beautiful Maui sunset during dinner.

Sunset Cocktail Sail
A perfect activity for all of your wedding attendees!  Guests will enjoy a variety of cocktails including local beers, a selection of wine, champagne, and mixed drinks along with tasty pupu’s(appetizers) to enjoy as the sun sinks into the Pacific Ocean. Typically this experience is two hours long and will include sailing (wind pending), captain and crew, and incredible views of the neighboring islands and mountains.  There are a variety of trips that we enjoy from either the south side if the island or the west side of the island pending on your preference and where you are staying.  One of our favorite trips is the Luxury Catamaran due to their high level of service and they offer transportation (upon availability) from your accommodation to the harbor and back! If you are looking for a really unique experience, consider taking a beach loading vessel in Ka’anapali on this Family Owned & Operated Sunset Sail experience.  You can also consider doing a private charter that would be exclusive use of the boat to you and your guests and in particular, we really enjoy this Sailing Catamaran. We are happy to provide quotes for other private charters as well.


Snorkel at the Molokini Crater

Snorkeling Trip
Being out on the water is a relaxing activity for any group guests.  Regardless if you have a small group of wedding attendees or a large wedding group, there are several great options available for your wedding group. It is not always necessary to do a private charter (exclusive use of the boat for your wedding party), pending on the size of your group as there are large and small boats offered. All of the snorkeling gear is provided along with food and beverages for all (alcoholic / non-alcoholic). Our favorite trips include a Family Owned & Operated boat that recently won an award for being a Top 5 Boat Company in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, a Luxury Sailing Catamaran with awesome crew and amenities, and finally, our last recommendation is a smaller yet really relaxing Sailing and Snorkeling Catamaran. If you looking for a more exclusive use of a nice catamaran, we are more than willing to help you look into other options or pricing for private charters as well.  Amenities will be the same as a regular charter only the boat will be exclusive to you and your guests.



The Haleakalā has a summit of 10,000ft!

Haleakala Sunrise or Sunset
One of the biggest attractions on Maui is the Haleakala National Park and each time of the day offers a different experience for guests to enjoy.  The most popular time to visit is for the early morning sunrise experience where guests will watch the sky light up with color as the sun beings to come up for the day.  Another enjoyable time to go is for sunset which, in my opinion, is equally enjoyable too!  Most guests prefer not to drive in the early morning hours up the winding mountain road and prefer to do a guided tour instead.  One of the unique ways to experience the sunrise is the Downhill Volcano Bike Ride which takes guests to the summit to see the sunrise and then guests will bike downhill nearly 25 miles on custom bikes. For those who prefer to have a little less adventure, a guided tour bus is always an option too. If you are looking for a custom tour of Haleakala, please let me know and I am more than willing to help you find the right option for you!


Scenic waterfall views are common on most flights!

West Maui & Moloka’i Helicopter flight

Helicopter Tour
This activity is great for guests looking to see the islands from above. Helicopters can hold up to six (6) guests at one time plus the pilot. Departing from the Kahului Heliport, tours typically range from 45 minutes to a little more than one hour pending on the trip.  My personal favorite trip is the West Maui & Moloka’i Tour that takes guests over to see incredible waterfalls and some of the world’s tallest sea cliffs and over the ocean. The other tours offered include a Full Circle Island Tour which goes around the entire island of Maui and the popular Hana & Haleakala flights. We do recommend to consider taking the early bird times, which offer a break in the rate compared to the peak times. You can make your tour exclusive / private by booking all six seats to avoid paying the private charter rates, which exceed twenty-two hundred dollars per hour! Regardless if is your first time in a helicopter or you have been before, we are happy to help find the right trip for you. Custom flights are offered upon request and we can further help with quoting pricing accordingly.


Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.20.08 AM

Private Ranch Ride & Helicopter Landing

Horseback Riding
Located on the slopes of Haleakala, this 800-acre private ranch is one of the most incredible trips to take here on Maui. The views of the central valley and of the volcano are just incredible and it gives you a great perspective of how big the island really is. Your adventure will start upcountry Maui and will take guests to the ranch for a leisurely stroll through the ranch.  Typically this is great for smaller groups though larger groups may be accommodated at times.  We recommend either the two or three hour Upcountry Ranch Ride as our top recommendation and if you have two or more guests the rate is less than if you have one guest. If you are looking for an experience that is a little more over-the-top and unique, consider the Private Ranch Ride & Helicopter Landing tour which will include a private helicopter tour with a landing directly at the ranch proceeded by a ranch ride – what an incredible way to kick off any marriage!


Woman going on a jungle zip line adventure

Zip through the jungle while on Maui

Though this experience may not be right for everyone in your wedding group, ziplines are a really fun way to add a little thrill to your time here on Maui and it is a great activity for guests.  Typically groups can go in waves of about 12 people per tour time pending on the location and is always a nice way to get your guests to have a good laugh with each other while enjoying the views as they zip.  Ziplines are offered a variety of durations and locations and range anywhere from five lines to seven lines per tour. One of our favorite trips is located upcountry Maui called the 5 Line Zip at Haleakala. This is a great experience overall and many guests who are already planning on visiting Haleakala like to stop here after they watch the sunrise or before they go up to see the sunset. If you are planning on heading to Hana with your group, you may really enjoy this zipline tour Along The Famous Road to Hana tour as well since it is conveniently located along the way.  If you are staying in the Lahaina area, you may really enjoy something a little closer to your accommodation at the West Maui Mountains Zipline.


Other Wedding Group Recommendations
There is a lot of things to see and do while on Maui and it can be hard to narrow it down at times as everyone in a group usually has a range of interests.  Some of our other favorite activities offered on Maui include:

Day Trip To Lana’i: Experience the neighboring island of Lana’i where guests can participate in a variety of activities including snorkeling, hiking, city van tour, or spend time at a remote beach. We really enjoy this Day Trip to Lana’i as they also include a really nice BBQ dinner at the end of the trip and  have an overall great experience for guests.

Fishing Charter: Perfect for guests looking to get out on the water and try their luck at fishing. There are several options to consider such as a Luxury Fishing Yacht or if you are looking for something a little more casual that can hold a few more guests, this Bottom / Sports Fishing trip may work out nice for you too.

Surfing Lessons: Surfing is great for guests of all ages and always puts smiles on guests faces.  If you are staying in Kihei, we would recommend the South Side Surfing Lessons and if you are staying over in Lahaina area, we would recommend the West Side Surfing Lessons. Group lessons are usually done in groups of 5 or 6 guests to one instructor and last about 2 hours.

Golf & Spa Reservations: We are happy to assist you with all of your activity needs including golf and spa recommendations and bookings. There are several fantastic golf courses on Maui including the Wailea Golf Courses and the Plantation Course that guests enjoy playing at. Typically tee times can be made 30 – 45 days in advance. There are many really great spa’s on Maui including the Willow Stream Spa and the Spa Grande in South Maui. Mobile services are also available if you prefer to create a spa day at your accommodation instead.

Maui Activity Concierge is pleased to assist you and your guests create a lasting memory of your time here on Maui. With so many things to see and do, we have the local knowledge of the island and can help you coordinate, plan, and recommend activities and services that are relevant to you and your guests. We offer a convenient online booking system that you can send links directly to your guests to book or publish on your wedding website. One again, ho’omaika’i ana on your recent engagement and we look forward to being of further assistance to you! Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or by email to start planning your wedding activities!


Matt Morris

Lead Concierge & Owner
Maui Activity Concierge

Photo Credits:  Trilogy Excursions, Ali’i Nui Maui, Drums of the Pacific, Piiholo Ranch, and Sunshine Helicopters

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