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Enjoy a beautiful Maui sunset during dinner.

Maui Wedding & Group Activity Recommendations on Maui
by Matt Morris
Lead Concierge at Maui Activity Concierge, LLC

Just after the busy summer months are over and the kids go back to school is another season we call “wedding season”.  During the fall time, many guests visit with their closest friends and family to get married on Maui and we wanted to share some of our top recommendations for group activities to consider.  Each guest has their own ideas and interests so please feel free to reach out to us with other options that may work out better for you and your group!

Maui Snorkel Trips

There are many different trips to consider and while some guests prefer to enjoy a catamaran style boat, other guests really enjoy the kayak & snorkel trip. Here are out top 3 recommendations for fun snorkeling trips that are great with large or small groups:


Kayak & Snorkel Trip along the Pali Coast
– Offered Monday – Friday from Olowalu
– Highlights: experience less crowded snorkel areas in a unique part of the island, small tour sizes
– Time: 7:00AM – 11:15AM
– Distance Away: 30 minutes from South or West Maui (pending accommodation location)

Departing from the Olowalu Reef area (located between Kihei and Lahaina), guests will kayak and snorkeling on this fun trip. The location is fairly remote and most of the reefs you will be going to have less crowds as the cliffs make the area not accessible by land. The trip combines both beautiful views above and below the water at this reef and you can also have nice views of the Olowalu area and the West Maui Mountains as you paddle out.  This trip includes kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and snorkeling gear. This trip is considered to be a little more of a challenge as you will be paddling for longer duration and they will usually make 2 or 3 stops to snorkel. You can see more about this trip online here.


Family Owned & Operated Catamaran
– Offered: Daily Upon Availability
– Tour Times: 8am – 1:30pm OR 7am – 12:30pm
– Highlights: Top rated by TripAdvisor, locally owned & operated, eco-friendly with a great crew!
– Location: Depart from Ma’alaea Harbor and visits Molokini & Turtle Town (pending conditions)
– Approximate Distance Away: 25 minutes from South or West Maui (pending accommodation location)

Locally owned & operated, this catamaran has been sailing for 45 years and will take guests to the famous Molokini Crater & Turtle Town. The trip includes snorkeling gear, complimentary reef safe sunblock, continental breakfast, plate lunch, and beverages (adult / non-alcoholic). The boat features indoor & outdoor seating with ample walking room to spread out. They have won multiple awards from TripAdvisor for being a top 10 boat company in the U.S! Overall this is one of my top recommendations as it is a great balance between quality, price, and servicer. Availability is often very limited due to their popularity. Consider a SNUBA Upgrade (Age 8+) This unique experience is a hybrid between snorkeling and scuba diving and does not require any certifications or past experience. This experience is offered in addition to snorkeling so guests may still enjoy the rest of the tour as well. Guests may not have any injuries or have any breathing restrictions to participate. View Medical Waiver. If you wish to request a booking or see more details, you can do so here.


First Class Luxury Catamaran w/ Shuttle Service
– Offered: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
– Tour Time: 7am – 1pm
– Highlights: Maui’s luxury catamaran, towels, quality snorkel gear, great F&B options on tour
– Location: Depart from Ma’alaea Harbor (Central Maui) and visit Molokini & Turtle Town
– Approximate Distance Away: 25 minutes from South or West Maui (pending accommodation location)

This luxury boat is known to be one of Maui’s finest catamarans. One of the features of this boat is that they intentionally limit the total number of guests on board to ensure everyone has ample space to lounge around during the entire trip so it’s not overcrowded. Your trip will include snorkeling gear, towels, and a variety of food and beverages. A buffet-style breakfast, BBQ style lunch, and bar with juices, water, and premium bar for age 21+ is also included. This tour is perfect for guests who are looking for a larger boat with less guests on board. Upon availability, complimentary shuttle service is offered. Please let us know if you wish to drive on your own or to request seats on their shuttle.  You can learn more about this trip on our website here.


Maui Luau Recommendations

Often times guests will ask to set up a luau that can easily be used as a reception, a rehearsal dinner, or just a fun activity to start their week here on Maui. We have 2 recommendations pending on what side of the island you wish to be on though some guests will commute to the other side pending on if their guests have cars:

Traditional Hula Luau (West Maui)
– Offered Every Evening
– Style of Luau: Traditional Hula Dancing only (no fire dancers)
– Duration: About 3 hours in total duration from check-in to finish
– Inclusions: Outstanding performances, traditional luau menu options, great views, open bar
– Location: Lahaina Town
– Approximate Distance Away: 15 minutes (or so) from West Maui or 45 from South Maui

This luau is located on an oceanfront lawn with lush grounds and great views of the sunset. This luau is not affiliated with a resort and includes a full dinner buffet and full premium bar. The show features traditional hula dancing only, i.e. no fire dance performances. The seating here is a little unique in that they offer two types of seating: traditional table/chair and Hawaiian mat seating (ground seating with cushion) which are both priced the same. Typically, I recommend the table and chair style seating as it is most comfortable to experience the duration of the show. The luau offers great views from all seats, although the traditional mat seating is closer to the stage (ground seating with cushion and lowered table). Please let me know what your preference is. You can see more details about this online here. Do the extreme demand for this luau, advance bookings are required as they are often sold out an average of 30 – 90 days ahead of time. You can learn more about this luau on our website here.


Wailea Luau (South Maui)
– Days Offered (upon availability): Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
– Style of Luau: Polynesian (includes traditional hula & fire dancing)
– Duration: About 3 hours in total duration from check-in to finish
– Inclusions: Beautiful ocean views, full dinner buffet, open bar
– Location: Wailea (South Maui)
– Approximate Distance Away: 15 minutes from South Maui or 45 minutes from West Maui

I really like the view at this particular luau as it is a beautiful grassy lawn with direct views of the ocean. The entire resort recently completed a major renovation, including the luau grounds and show. The facility and ambiance both have a brand-new feel. The show will include both traditional and Polynesian fire dancers along with a host, live music, open bar, and full dinner buffet. For the overall experience, this is my top recommendation to guests. Complimentary self-parking is included with the show. Choose between standard or premium seating. Premium seating guarantees seats within the first two rows, closest to the stage. You can see more details and images of the luau on our website here.


Unique to Maui Tours

Below are some options to consider for doing something unqiue while on Maui.

Pineapple & Distillery Tours
– Select from 4 different tour options
– Highlights: Free Maui Gold Pineapple, walk through the factory, see pineapple fields
– Location: Hali’imaile (upcountry Maui)
– Tour Options: Pineapple Tour, Distillery Tour, Packaged Tours w/ Lunch
– Distance Away: 30 minutes from South Maui or 60 minutes from West Maui

Maui Gold Pineapples are grown locally right here on Maui in the small town of Haliimaile. Located along the slopes of Haleakala, there are three different types of trips that you can consider taking when visiting the plantation. The tours will all include visiting the pineapple fields and walking through the factory where they process the pineapples further. Guests will need to be age 5+ to enjoy this activity. You can see more details and images or book your reservation online on our website here.  All reservations require advance notice to book and require a 72 hour cancellation period. Here are some more details on each of the options:

Pineapple Tour (Offered Daily)
Pineapple Tour & Lunch (Monday-Friday)
Pineapple Tour & Distillery Tour (Monday – Friday)
Pineapple, Distillery, and Lunch (Monday-Friday)


Hawaiian Outrigger Experience
– Offered daily upon availability
– Tour Times: 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am
– Highlights: authentically local experience, learn to paddle and enjoy the morning ocean
– Location: Wailea Beach
– Approximate Distance Away: 15 minutes from South Maui

Departing from Wailea Beach, guests will learn traditional techniques of paddling along with various Hawaiian terminology while working as a team to paddle the canoe with your guide on this 60 minute (1 hour) tour. Contrary to what most guests believe this experience is like, this activity is suitable for just about any guest regardless of experience or not. Guests will enjoy views of the neighboring island of Kaho’olawe, Molokini, Lana’i, and of the mountains on Maui including Haleakala during the paddle. Guests should be age 5+ to enjoy this experience and be able to follow basic instructions from the guide. You can see more details on our website here.


Maui Adventure Activities

Looking for a little more thrill during your special week? Consider some of these options below to enjoy with your guests:

ATV Tour
-Offered daily upon availability at 7:30am, 10:00am, 12:30pm
-Duration: 2 Hours
-Inclusions: ATV, safety briefing, tour guide, lot of fun!
-Location: Lahaina / Ka’anapali
-ATV Buggy Options: Single Driver or Shared (2x per ATV)
-Approximate Distance Away: 45 minutes from South Maui or 15 minutes from West Maui

This activity is great for those guests with a sense of adventure and who also wish to have a fantastic view of the valley and neighboring islands. Located in Lahaina, this activity offers guests the opportunity to ride or drive ATV’s through various terrain along the slopes of the West Maui Mountains.  It is common to get quite dirty and dusty on this fun trip! The ATV’s can hold up to 2 adults per buggy or guests that are age 18+ can drive their own ATV. Guests age 16+ may drive if they have someone age 18+ in the ATV with them. All guests must have a valid driver’s license to drive and close toe shoes are required! I highly recommend to bring a change of clean clothes for after the trip due to the dirt, dust, and mud that can be found on the course. You can see more about this trip online on our website here.


Lana’i Day Trip
– Days offered: Monday – Friday only
– Family Owned & Operated (great for ALL guests)
– Departure Location: Lahaina
– Tour Time: 6:30am – 2:30pm – OR – 10am – 6pm
– Highlights: more inclusive trip, snorkeling, hiking, van tour, F&B included, beach time on Lanai
-Approximate Distance Away: 45 minutes from South Maui or 15 minutes from West Maui

This exciting trip is one of my favorite trips offered on Maui as it allows you to discover another island for the day and still return back to Maui. This family owned and operated company offers a unique trip in that it includes a variety of activities including snorkeling, hiking, beach time, van tour, sailing, and food/beverages and has recently won an award from TripAdvisor for being a Top 5 Boat Tour Operator in the USA! During your voyage across the channel, guests can expect to have stunning views of the neighboring island of Moloka’i and Lana’i along with amazing blue ocean surroundings.  Upon arrival to Manele Bay, guests will make a short walk down to the beach to snorkel or just hang out.  Guests have the option to go on a short hike or take a van tour up to Lana’i City; the only city on the island.  This is an all day trip, however, they do include continental breakfast, deli style lunch, and an awesome BBQ dinner prepared by the Captain at their private pavilion overlooking Manele Bay. On the return back to Maui it is common for the captain to raise the sail and adults may enjoy a selection of cocktails, beer, and wine.  To book your reservation or check out additional details of this trip, visit this activity online here.


Haleakala Sunrise, Bike, Zipline Combination Tour
– Days Offered: Daily Upon Availability
– Tour Time: Sunrise until approximately 12pm depending on accommodation location
– Pick Up Time: Ranges from 2am to 3am depending on accommodation location
– Highlights: Combination tour, great for adventure seekers, overall a fun tour
– Approximate Distance Away: 0 – transportation from (or near) most accommodations in South & West Maui

Perfect for adventure seekers.  This trip will include seeing the sunrise at Haleakala, downhill volcano bike riding, and zipline all in one morning! The pick up time for this tour can be as early as 2am to 3am (pending location) and will take guests directly up to the Haleakala Summit to witness the sunrise with your guide and group of guests. The tour will then exit the National Park where you will bike about 7 miles downhill (little peddling is required as it mostly downhill) where you will then arrive at the zipline location.  The zipline is a 5 line course that has an Indiana Jones style bridge in a eucalyptus forest setting. Dressing in layers is required along with closed-toe shoes for this tour and guests should be ages 12+ and weigh between 60 to 260lbs. You can see more about this trip online here.


Commonly Asked Questions About Booking

There are many ways in which Maui Activity Concierge can assist you with your group bookings and we wanted to share some helpful information for your review:

  1. What if I am not sure on my final guest count? That is okay! Typically we will hold the maximum possible number of seats and then cancel out the unused seats once your guest count is finalized.
  2. Can guests sign up on their own or do I have to put it all on my card? We find that due to the higher costs of traveling to Maui, most groups prefer to have guests pay on their own. We can easily assist you in getting that setup!
  3. How do guests book? Most groups will have a custom landing page that we make specifically for their group. The landing page will have details about the activities on there and guests can sign up on their own as they wish. We recommend advance planning as space can be limited!
  4. Is there a minimum requirement for the number of guests in a group? No! If you invite, for example, 30 people and only 18 people can come, we can easily cancel out the unused seats ahead of time.
  5. How do I get started?  Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or by email. It is very overwhelming to get started and we understand that, however, our team is here to help guide you and make the process a LOT easier for you to book and stay organized.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you and to your guests! We are looking forward to being of further assistance to helping make your special week here on Maui a little easier!


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