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July 14, 2016
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Our Favorite Maui Activities

The island of Maui has many fun activities and attractions to consider doing while on vacation. Whether you are looking to explore the culture by attending a luau or need the rush of ziplining, there is something for every interest and age. Over the years of being a Concierge here on Maui, I find that even though there are so many adventures offered on Maui, there are some that just simply standout more to us as top activities as they offer everything we look for in a great tour: reliability, quality staff, and an overall fantastic experience and we wanted to share some more details about these trips with you.  You can see all of the activities we like on online on our website as well.

Snorkeling at the Molokini Crater

The Molokini Crater offers clear calm waters for better snorkeling

The Molokini Crater is a popular snorkeling location with calm and clear ocean conditions

The Molokini Crater (image above) is located in South Maui and commonly the trips offered to this location will depart from the Ma’alaea Harbor in Central Maui.  One of our favorite trips offered is a Family Owned & Operated trip that has been sailing the waters of Maui for nearly 45 years and recently won an award from TripAdvisor for being a Top 5 Boat Tour in the U.S.!  In addition to their amazing crew, the catamaran style boat is comfortable and offers guests both indoor and outdoor seating, restrooms, freshwater shower, bar area, and a trampoline mesh netting in the front of the boat. This trip will include all of the snorkeling gear, continental breakfast, BBQ style lunch, and a variety of beverages (adult beverages / non-alcoholic) as well! Guests will typically get to enjoy multiple snorkeling locations on this trip including Molokini and Turtle Town pending the water and wind conditions. Another great reason to love this trip is it is perfect for families, friends, and couples as their crew ensures everyone has a nice time and can help you with any questions you have.  This is our most popular trip request for catamaran styles boats going to the Molokini Crater. Trip Details & Pricing Information: Departs daily at either 7:00am or 8:00am and is 5.5 hours long in total duration. Pricing for this activity: Adults: $129.00, Teenagers (13-18yrs): $97.00, Children (3-12yrs): $63.00*, Infants (0-2yrs): $0.00. You can learn more and confirm a reservation online here: Book Now


Downhill Volcano Bike & Sunrise Tour

Haleakala bike ride

One of the most unique activities offered on Maui is a downhill volcano bike ride.

Perhaps one of the most unique activities found on Maui, guests will ride special cruising bikes nearly 25 miles downhill along the slopes of the Haleakala volcano.  Guests journey will start in the early morning hours where they will be taken to the summit area of the Haleakalā National Park which soars nearly 10,000ft above sea level to witness the sunrise from above the clouds!  Guests will see a spectacular color show as the rising sun lights up the clouds and the morning sky. This a tour that you don’t want to forget your camera on!  After the sunrise, guests and their guide will make their way to of the National Park to slightly lower elevation to start the biking portion of their tour.  Though there are options for different companies, we highly recommend a great locally owned and operated one that has a guide riding with the guests along with a van following behind guests as they make their journey down the volcano and always has awesome feedback form our guests.  In addition to the stunning views along the mountain, central valley, and the bi-coastal views, guests will be able to make stops along the way to take a break and enjoy the surrounding with the group. It is required to be 12+ years of age and have had a previous experience riding a bike before to participate in this tour.  Guests can be picked up at most locations around Maui and the tour will typically have guest back between 10a – 11a.  Breakfast is also included with this tour as well at Cafe O’lei restaurant. Trip Details & Pricing: Pick Up Time:  Ranges from 2:00am to 3:30am pending location and guests typically return back by 10 -11am. Family style breakfast at Cafe O’lei is included with your trip. Guests are $140.00+tax. You can learn more and confirm a reservation online here: Book Now *Pricing does not include taxes. Due to the popularity of this tour, advance reservation are required and recommended! Thinking about biking and zipping? Don’t miss out on the Bike & Zipline package.


Zipline Tour

hal7 1

Fun thrills and scenic views at this 5 line zipline located along the slopes of Haleakalā

For those in need of a little thrill during their Maui vacation, ziplines are a really fun way to satisfy your adventure needs. This awesome zipline is located along the slopes of the Haleakalā volcano and will take guests through short hike around a eucalyptus forest while zipping over gulches and ravines.  This course features 5 lines in which progressively gets longer and long as the trip goes on – don’t worry, we wont spoil the surprise of the last zipline!  Guests are required to be between the weights of 60lbs – 260lbs to participate in this activity to ensure they have the correct momentum to get across the lines accordingly.  Another reason why we enjoy this location so much is that it located about 1/2 way up to the Haleakala National Park, which many guests enjoy visiting after the tour since they are almost there aways. This tour is very family friendly but also perfect for friends and couples too as the guides are always fun to be around! Trip Details & Pricing:  This tour is about 1.5 – 2 hours in duration and start times ranges throughout the day from morning to mid-afternoon.  Guests are $119.95+tax each. You can learn more and confirm a reservation online here: Book Now *Pricing does not include taxes. Due to the popularity of this tour, advance reservation are required and recommended! Thinking about biking and zipping? Don’t miss out on the Sunrise, Bike, & Zip package.




Wahine (women) & Kane (men) dance at the luau

A perfect way to relax, unwind, and enjoy the Hawaiian culture is to attend a luau. This unique Hawaiian experience traditionally are held as a means of celebration and regardless if you are actually celebrating something during your time on Maui or not, it is still a great experience to have. We find that many guests are interested in Polynesian luau’s, which incorporate both traditional hula dancing along with the popular Polynesian fire knife (fire) dancing.  Luau’s are held in the evening and typically the show will start before the sunset and continue during the setting sun. Guests will enjoy a full buffet with both traditional and non-traditional buffet items, live music, and an open bar (included for guests ages 21+). Seating is offered based on the location of the stage and both luaus that we recommend offer both Standard Seating (General Admission) or Premium (closer to the stage).  Typically luau’s will also include a lei greeting in addition to having local crafters display their work around the luau grounds.  There are two locations around the island including the Grand Luau located in Wailea and the West Maui Luau located in Ka’anapali. Trip Details & Pricing:  Pending the time of year and the luau you wish to go to, check in times range from 4:30p to 5:30p and last for about 2.5 to 3.5 hours long. Standard Seating starts at $110.00 – $115.00+taxes per adults and Children (Age 6-12): $63.00 to 73.00. Standard Seating Infants (Age 0-5): $0.00 – $10.00. You can learn more and confirm a reservation online for the Grand Luau or the West Maui Luau online. Advance reservation are required, especially for Premium Seating!


Sunset Dinner Sail

Enjoy an incredible view of Maui while dining!

Enjoy an outdoor experience on this dinner sail

One of our favorite ways to watch the sunset is on a boat. Guests will enjoy scenic views of the neighboring islands along with the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala in the backdrop. Though there are options for family friendly boats that offer dinners for guests of all ages, we personally find the quality of the food and services are not quite up to par compared to those that offer adult only (ages 18+) style experiences. One of the most unique things about the trip we recommend is that guests will be seating outside around the catamaran instead of siting down below the cabin area so they can enjoy the view, trade winds, and the surrounding view of the neighboring islands and the ocean.  Additionally, guests will have a variety of food presented to them including appetizers, salad, entree, and dessert.  This particular trip is a plated style dinner and guests can select from a choice of 3 menu options including:  Mahi Mahi, Top Sirloin Steak, or Vegetarian Pasta. Included with your experience is an open bar with a variety of cocktails, wine, champagne, and beer to enjoy as well.  This trip is offered from both the Ma’alaea Harbor a well as the Lahaina Harbor making it quite convenient regardless of where you are staying. Trip Details & Pricing:  Departure times will range pending the time of year though it is between 4:30pm and 5:30pm and is about 2.5 hours long in duration. This trip is for guests ages 18+ only and is $129.00+taxes per guest.  It is offer on ranging days of the week depending on the harbor you wish to go from: Lahaina Harbor: Thursday / Saturday or the Ma’alaea Harbor: Monday / Wednesday / Friday. You can learn more and confirm a reservation for the Ma’alaea Harbor or the Lahaina Harbor online. If you are looking for a a cocktail sail instead, check out this Luxury Sunset Sail.


Haleakalā National Park:  Sunrise / Sunset

Haleakala National Park

Colorful display at the Haleakala National Park

When visiting Maui, it is a “must do” to visit the Haleakala National Park for either sunrise or sunset. With a summit that soars more than 10,000ft above sea level, it is easy to understand why so many guests enjoy watching the sun set / rise from above the clouds.  It is really hard to say what trip is better, tough for some guests they do not mind waking up early to make the nearly 2 hour drive up to the summit while others prefer to sleep in and catch the sunset later in the day. There is always the option to make the drive yourself using your rental car, though it seems many guests are interested in learning more details about the island and about the National Park on a guided tour.  For us, we find that the information they talk about is very interesting and it is really a fun way to also learn some facts about the island along the way.  The sunrise tour will typically pick guests up anywhere between 2a – 3a while the sunrise tour will typically pick guests up around 2:30p – 3:30p pending the time of year and the location of where you are staying at. Both tours will include pick up service at a nearby location, a guide, and a delicious meal after the tour concludes.  One reason why we find that this tour is popular also is due to the fact that many people do not really wish to drive.  Though it is really not to far distance wise, the steep mountain roads do take some time to navigate though thankfully the guides are very experienced an familiar with the roads. Bring your camera and some warm clothes as temperatures can dip as low as 30 degrees with windy conditions during both tours! Trip Details & Pricing: This trip is offered most day of the week and ranges between 5 – 6 Hours pending which tour you take (including pick up /drop off time). Pricing ranges for Adults: $139.00 – $159.00* and Children: $83.00 – $93.00+tax. You can learn more and confirm a reservation for the Haleakala Sunrise or the Haleakala Sunset online. *Pricing does not include taxes.  Due to the popularity of this tour, advance reservation are required! Feeling adventurous? Try the Sunrise & Downhill Volcano Tour!


Day Trip to Neighboring Island of Lāna’i

Day trip

Hiking, Sailing, Snorkeling, and relaxing are all part of this fun day trip to the neighboring island.

Visiting the neighboring island of Lana’i for the day is a great way to experience another island during your stay on Maui. The trip to Lanai will include a variety of activities including sailing, hiking, snorkeling, beach going, Lana’i City van tour, and enjoying scenic views from the boat in the evening time on the way back. The trip that we highly recommend will depart from the Lahaina Harbor and venture off to the neighboring island of Lana’i for  the day. One of the nice things about this trip is that it departs later in the morning so you will not need to worry about getting up really early for this trip. Included is a continental breakfast, deli style lunch, and an awesome BBQ dinner on Lana’i with views that overlook the harbor prepared by the captain. Guests will also enjoy beverages throughout the day and adults (age 21+) may enjoy a variety of adult beverages including beer, wine, and other cocktails on the return back to Maui. Trip Details & Pricing: This tour departs at 10:00am and returns to the Lahaina Harbor at 6:00pm.  Pricing for this tour, Adults: $205.00+taxes, Teenagers (13-18): $154.00*, Children (Age 3-12): $103.00*, and Infants (Age 0-2) are complimentary. You can learn more and confirm a reservation online here: Book Now *Pricing does not include taxes/harbor fees.  Due to the popularity of this tour, advance reservation are required!


Surfing Lessons

Surfing lessons are great for guests of all ages

Surfing lessons are great for guests of all ages

Surfing is a huge part of the local lifestyle here on Maui and what better place to learn how to surf than in Hawai’i! There are two really great areas to learn to surf and on most days the waves are perfect for learning to ride the waves. Surfing lessons actually start on dry land and this is where guests learn a little about the board, how to paddle out, and how to stand up accordingly.  The majority of the lesson will be held in the water catching waves with the guidance of your instructor though and guests are given many chances to catch waves. Guests of all ages can learn how to surf and this is such a fun activity for families, couples, or just a group of friends.  For those guests who may just wish to sit back and watch, there usually nearby areas to stand to take pictures and enjoy the scenery.  There are two locations that are pretty popular including one in Kihei Town (South Maui) and the other location is in Lahaina Town (West Maui), making for easy access regardless of where you are staying at.  Lessons are offered on most days of the week with exceptions on Sundays and Holidays and there are three common styles of lessons to consider: Group Lessons are the most common and usually have a 6 students to 1 instructor ratio.  This style of lesson is the most economically priced and is for guests ages ten years of age or older.  Semi-Private Lessons are offered only to your specific group of guests (up to 6 guests) and will have one instructor. This lesson is offered to guests of all ages.  A private lesson would be a one on one lesson with an instructor for those who wish to work closer with a guide directly. Pricing for tour ranges on location. Group Lesson: $60.00-$65.00* per guest, Semi Private: $99.00*, or Private Lessons start at $129.00*.  Pricing does not include taxes. You can learn more about the surfing lessons and book lesson online at the Kihei Surfing Lesson location or the West Maui Surfing Lesson location online.

Whale Watching

A tail splashing near the boat of this tour

A tail splashing near the boat of this tour

During the months of December through April, the Humpback Whales migrate thousands of miles from Alaska to the Hawaiian island to give birth and mate.  Each year the whales start to appear in the early parts of winter and will be here until April or May.  The peak month for Whale Watching is usually February and early March before they start to slowly leave the islands. Whales watching is such a special site to see as the videos and images you see online do not even do it justice as it would to see it in person from the boat. By law, boats are required to maintain a distance away from the Whales to ensure they are not disturbed much though at times some of the whales will be really curious to see the boat and may even come swim close to the boat.  Whale watches are typically about 2 hours long and will depart at various times of the day pending the location.  A common question that is commonly asked if there is a “better” time to see the whales and to be perfectly honest, the answer is no. From early morning snorkeling trips to sunset dinner sails, you will most likely have a very good chance of seeing the whales during your trip when they are here!  This trip will include a light snack, beverages (including alcoholic options for guests age 21+), and an awesome Captain and Crew. Trip Detail & Pricing: Guests may opt to depart from the Lahaina Harbor in West Maui or the Ma’alaea Harbor in South Maui for this trip.  Pricing for Adults are $59.00*, Teenagers are $45.00*, Children (Age 3-12) are $29.50*, and infants ages 0-2 are complimentary.  Pricing does not include taxes / harbor fee. Learn more about this trip and book online for the Ma’alaea Whale Watch or the Lahaina Whale Watch today.



Helicopter Tours

Scenic waterfall views are common on most flights!

One of the views on the West Maui Moloka’i trip

As beautiful as the island of Maui is to see by car, there is something really special about seeing the island from above as it gives you a different perspective of how many regions and climates the island really has.  Departing from the Kahului Airport (OGG), trips can last anywhere between 40 – 60 minutes (approximate) and take guests around the island to see waterfalls, gulches/ravines, the central valley, beaches, and other scenery.  There are three trips to consider while on Maui. The Hana/Haleakala flight takes guests see waterfalls, Haleakala Crater, the back country, and Hana Town. The West Maui Moloka’i flight takes guests to large waterfalls, flies over the ocean to the neighboring island to see the worlds tallest sea cliffs, ocean views, and other incredible jungle views.  The last trip is the Circle Island Maui tour which covers the entire island of Maui including waterfalls, central valley, Haleakala, and Hana.  One of the most popular trips that we recommend is the West Maui Moloka’i Flight. When considering doing a helicopter flight, we usually recommend to consider doing it in the morning or later afternoon as you can take advantage of early bird rates which saves $50 per guest!  If early mornings or later afternoon flights do no work for you, you can still fly at the regular rate.  When riding on a helicopter, we recommend wearing darker, solid color clothing as patters and bright shirts reflect into the window, making for some distractions when observing. Trip Details & Pricing: Flights are offered throughout the day and there is not necessarily a “better” time to go though most guests like the early bird rates (show below) for the trips.  Each trip ranges in duration and price and rates include all of the taxes and fuel surcharges and are the rates per guest. Check out more details or book online today: Hana/Haleakala Flight:$210.00*, West Maui Moloka’i Fight: $270.00*, and the Full Island Maui tour is $295.00*. Estimated body weight is required at the time of booking to ensure the helicopter is balanced.

Helpful Tips for Popular Activities On Maui

Plan ahead your “must do” activities. Due to the popularity of most of these trip, advance reservation are required and waiting until the last minute to book often times results in limited (if not sold out) availability.  Sometimes guests forget that there are limited trip options offered on Maui and often the most popular activities will sell out quickly.  At times vendors will have last minute availability though it is not as common. Pricing listed above may not include taxes or harbor fees (where applicable)

Each guest is different and not all activities are a perfect match for everyone. Even though we highly recommend each of the trips above, we are happy to help you find the right activity for your needs.  Though we have a lot of activities that we recommend, each guest has different wants and needs.  You are always welcome to check out our Activity Request Page on our website to get started or contact us by email or by phone at 808-868-0253.

Spread your activities out throughout your vacation instead of worry about doing everything all at once.  Often we find that some guests are looking to book so many things that they might not be aware of the time it takes to get to each activity.  We always recommend to leave a few days to spend at the beach or go explore the island.

Never hesitate to contact us! We are here at your service to help you have a relaxing time here on Maui. We work directly with companies and have great relationships with all our recommendations, which gives you a peace of mind that your trip will go smoothly. As a small business that is locally owned and operated, we have the experience on all of our recommendations to help ensure we find the right trip for your needs. If you need more assistance, check out our Activity Request Form and you can simply check off the items that interest you and we can send you more details.

We hope that this information has been helpful in planning your Maui vacation!  We would love to speak with you and learn more about your vacation needs as we also offer a variety of services as well such as Car Rental options, Private Chef Services, and even Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping services.  You can check out all of our offering on our website at www.MauiActivityConcierge.com. We are here at your service to help make your vacation on Maui relaxing and enjoyable and we look forward to working with you!


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