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Regardless if you are looking to have a wedding reception, a meal with friends and family, or for a group function, we are here to help you have a great dining experience.  Private Chef services are one of the more popular requests we receive and we wanted to share some tips and recommendations when thinking about having this service before your arrival to Maui.  Here are some things to consider when considering this unique experience:

Plan Ahead:  Our #1 recommendation for this service!  There are limited number of chefs we highly recommend and it’s always best to not wait until the last minute.  Getting started is easy and you can use our Private Chef Request form to help you get started.

In Residence Preparation or Delivery:  One of the unique features we offer is that most of our chefs can make meals either directly at the accommdation or they can do most of the prep work ahead of time and then deliver it directly to the accommdation.  We find that the delivery service is quite popular and easy for many guests looking for a casual, easy going, yet nice dinner.

Event Atmosphere: While some guests are looking for a high end plated meal for special events, other guests are looking for casual, easy going, family style options.  Once we understand the atmosphere you wish to have, we can further direct you to the right chef services of your meal and further assist with any other items you may wish to have such as an Ukulele Player, Hula Dancer, or Guitar as an enhancement.

Guest Count: As silly as it may seem, it is really important for us to understand how many people will be attending your event as there can be a significant difference in pricing and understanding the total guest attendance is important. If you are uncertain of the guests, it is best to anticipate the maximum possible guests and then a reduction in pricing can be offered from there.

Meal Options:  There are many different types of meals that we have arranged for including yoga retreats, family BBQ, upscale plated dinners, and even private luau’s.  Of course, each request is different and not all guests who may be getting married are looking to go over-the-top on menu planning.  Once we understand your level of interest in chef services, we can continue to direct you to the right options.

Event Space Where will everyone be dining at and is there already a set up available at your accommodation for your meal?  Though many of the meals we have arranged are fairly casual and easy going, it is always nice to know ahead of time that you have the necessary items to supply to the guests. If are you not certain of the dining space, contact your property manager of the accommdation for more details.

Pricing Choices:  Generally speaking, for most guests are looking for a private chef for dinner services in which the pricing menu can drastically range from $75 to $200+ per guest, though do not get discouraged right away based on that pricing. Each event is totally different from the next and we try to work as best as we can to fit your financial needs. For specialty menus such as retreats, a pre-set menu can be available for much less per guest and offer appropriate menu options pending your needs.

How to Start Planning: One of the easiest ways to get started is by completing our online Private Chef  Request page which will help guide you accordingly to ensure we can send you more details and options that are right for your function.  If you still need additional help, please feel free to contact us at 808-868-0253 or by email for further assistance. We hope that this information has been helpful to you and will better give you things to think about before considering a private chef service during your Maui vacation!

Mahalo nui,

Maui Activity Concierge LLC


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