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Maui Car Rental

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Maui Car Rental Guide & Helpful Information
by Matt Morris, Lead Concierge
Maui Activity Concierge

Renting a car is highly recommended when coming to Maui as there are so many places to check out during your stay. The added convenience of hopping in the car and go is also another big factor why we recommend renting a car. Guests are often used to larger cities with ride share apps like Uber or Lyft, however, please keep in mind that as of now, these options are NOT able to pick you up from the airport and take you to your accommodation, they are only able to drop guests off for departing flights. The cost of the services in general are much higher in cost compared to the mainland and add up quickly as well.

Taxi Costs (estimated)

Below are some of the estimated distances and estimated costs for a one way taxi from the Kahului Airport (OGG). Please note that these are estimates and prices are for one way only and can be even more pending any traffic conditions! Keep in mind guests need to go round trip to and from the airport for their arrival and departure, doubling the cost of the above prices:

– Kahului Airport (OGG) to Wailea: 30 – 35 minutes (about $65 – $75 in a taxi)
– Kahului Airport (OGG) to Kihei: 25 – 30 minutes (about $55 – $65 in a taxi)
– Kahului Airport (OGG) to Lahaina: 45 minutes pending traffic ($75 – $100 in a taxi)
– Kahului Airport (OGG) to Napili / Kapalua area – 60 minutes $100 – $125 in a taxi)

Distances & Travel Time (one way)

The island of Maui is much larger than most guests think and it is much easier to get around with a rental car. The average guest that visits the beautiful island of Maui does not just lounge around their accommodation the entire time they are here, they tend to enjoy going out and checking out the sites such as the Haleakala National Park, drive the famous Road to Hana, and also visit other places such as Front Street in Lahaina. Also, a lot of actives here on Maui tend to be spread out pending on the activity to where you are staying. Here are the estimated drive times though keep in mind delays such as traffic, accidents, or other natural hazards / weather can happen. Keep in mind that anytime you are driving into Lahaina, it’s best to anticipate traffic and it’s best to leave earlier than you think to be safe!

Kihei & Wailea (South Maui)
-Wailea / Kihei to Lahaina area: 45 – 60 minutes / 30 Miles
-Wailea / Kihei to Napili / Kapalua: 1.25 hours minutes / 40 miles
-Wailea / Kihei to Hana: 1.5 – 2 hours / 60 miles
-Wailea / Kihei to Haleakala National Park: 1.75 – 2.25 hours / 45 miles

Lahaina Area (West Maui)
-Lahaina area to Wailea/Kihei area: 45 – 60 minutes / 30 miles
-Lahaina area to Napili / Kapalua: 15 – 20 minutes minutes / 10 miles
-Lahaina area to Hana: 2 – 2.5 minutes / 80 miles
-Lahaina area to Haleakala National Park: 2 – 2.5 hours / 70 miles

Car Rental Locations on Maui

Car rentals are available directly from Maui’s main airport, Kahului Airport (OGG), though there are a few other locations where car rentals can be pick up and dropped off. It is easier and much more convenient to pick up the car at the airport than paying for a taxi to get to another location as car rentals need to be picked up and dropped off at the same location to avoid paying additional fees by the car rental company. We HIGHLY recommend guests pick up the car at the same location they plan to drop it off at as there will be an additional fee to have the car dropped off at a different location, however, due to the cost of a taxi service, it may just work out better to pay the fee and drop it off where you need too instead of paying for a taxi service. We partner exclusively with AVIS and feature seasonal flat rates with them. Here are more details on their locations:

-Kahului Airport (OGG) – the most popular location!
-Kapalua Airport (JHM) – located on the Lahaina side (West Maui)
-Kihei Town (K2H) – great for 1 day rentals for guests staying in Kihei

Helpful Information Before Renting A Car

Below we wanted to include some more helpful details about general car rentals along with some tips to consider when renting a car & booking your flights into Maui. Please feel free to ask questions or contact us via email or by phone at 808-868-0253.

-Keep in mind that car rentals are valid in 24 hour periods
-If you have an early flight in and a late flight out, it’s best (and often less in price) to book 1 extra day and return the car whenever you need on your departure date
-By providing your flight details (airline, flight #, and arrival time) it helps the rental facilities better understand when guests are landing
-BE PATIENT! Often times the hardest part of getting here is waiting patiently at the car rental facilities. The airport is a busy place and there are thousands of guests arriving and departing.
-Consider signing up for a preferred membership to avoid the “general car rental line”. Though it may not guarantee you can walk in and walk out, the line is usually shorter for members.
-Make sure to understand the size of car needed for your trip. Often times convertible cars are great for 2 guests, but keep in mind the trunk is really small and if you have a family of 4, this car type is not recommended since you have to fit luggage too.
-Contact your insurance agency BEFORE traveling to see if you are already covered under your own personal car insurance. Many guests are and it saves a lot of money as insurance is nearly $30.00 USD per day for the “basic coverage”.
-Cars have unlimited mileage so you do not have to worry about driving too much. Enjoy the island of Maui to the fullest while you are here.
-We partner directly with AVIS and have great seasonal flat rates with them (see more details below!)

Maui Car Rental Options

Below is a breakdown of our recommendations based on each car type. The exact make and model and color (yes, it is a popular request to have a specific color) of the car is NOT guaranteed though they should have something comparable to what you have booked. At times you may even be upgraded pending inventory though this is also not guaranteed either. All of the cars below can easily take guests to just about anywhere they would need to travel to on Maui including Haleakala or Hana. Really it comes down to what you as a guest prefers to drive and the overall price you wish to spend.

Economy Car
This is the basic way to get around Maui. It is great for 2 or 3 guests total though it can get a little tight with more guests. Typically this is one of the most popular that we book since it is economically priced and gets guests from point A to point B. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Economy Car

Intermediate Car
This is similar to an economy car, except a little larger in size. It can fit more comfortably 4 guests plus trunk space. We recommend this car to guests looking for something little bigger than the economy car and it only a little more in cost. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Intermediate Car

Full Size Car (popular)
This size of vehicle is the most comfortable as it fits easily 4 guests plus luggage and is comparable to what guests may drive at home. Overall this is usually our top recommendation for comfort and storage of luggage when arriving and departing. Learn more or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Full Size Car

Mid-Size SUV
This is a great option for most luggage space and for guests who prefer a vehicle that is higher up off of the ground compared to a car. There is a trunk space which is great for luggage or for beach gear during your stay. Available in standard or luxury versions. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Medium SUV

Minivan (popular)
This is a great alternative to an SUV for both luggage space and to accommodate guests. Most guests who need a van either have more guests / luggage in their party but also may need to have the option to drive up to 7 guests around. Due to popularity, space is often limited in this rental option. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Minivan

Jeep – 2 Door
A very popular option for Maui! The 2 Door Jeep features a removable top and has a rear bench seat and in total can accommodate 4 guests. Luggage space is a little smaller since the back seat takes up space in the trunk area. Consider a four door for more room. Due to popularity, space is often limited in this rental option. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: 2 Door Jeep

Jeep 4 Door (popular!)
Another really popular option for Maui. The 4 Door Jeep features more space than the two door though please note the top is NOT removable but does have a removable “bikini top” above the driver and passenger seat. Due to popularity, space is often limited in this rental option. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: 4 Door Jeep

Convertible Car (popular!)
Great for two guests! This is a pretty popular request amongst couples and honeymooning guests since it is the “fun car” to have while on Maui. Though space is very limited in the back seat and trunk, it is a fairly practical car to have to get around Maui in. Due to popularity, space is often limited in this rental option. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Convertible Car

Elite SUV
This is a great alternative to a minivan! Holding up to 7 guests, this car has two seats in the front, a middle row, and a third row for guests plus a trunk space for luggage. Though it can be little tight to have 7 guests plus luggage, it is the same price as a van and tends to work out nice for guests that prefer an SUV over a van.Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Elite SUV

Full Size SUV
This option is larger in size than the Elite SUV and tends to be similar to a Ford Expedition. This is idea for more luggage space plus 7 guests since the trunk space is larger. This option is really nice and a little less in price compared to the even larger SUV category options. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Full Size SUV

Large SUV
This is great for guests who already drive a suburban-like vehicle and is one of the largest SUV’s available on Maui. Holding 7 guests plus luggage, this category will feature the most luggage space to offer more comfort for all of the passengers. Available in standard or luxury versions. Learn more, get a quote, or request a booking with AVIS on our website here: Large SUV

Do you have more questions about renting a car while on Maui? Contact us today at 808-868-0253 or send us an email to learn more. You can also see many more details and prices about each of the car rental options on our website: We hope that this information has been helpful to you and your guests! We are looking forward to being of further assistance during your next Maui vacation.


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