Maui is known for its variety of restaurants. Regardless if you are celebrating a special occasion or just a get-away with your ‘ohana, we are familiar with the restaurants here on the island are happy to provide our best recommendations based your needs. Maui offers everything from outstanding local restaurants to top restaurants with celebrity chefs. Our Restaurant Guide outlines some of our favorite restaurants as well of other popular restaurants. We highly encourage booking restaurants ahead of time as some restaurants fill up quickly.

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There are many outstanding casual restaurants on the island of Maui. Many of these restaurants do not accept reservation in advance, however, at times some of the most popular restaurants may take longer to get seating.

Tip: Casual restaurants located close to the resort areas tend to be a little more costly to dine at.  For guests looking to experience more cost effective options, try checking out our Happy Hour options!

Fine Dining

Maui has many award winning restaurants, some even owned by celebrity chefs known from around the world. We highly recommend booking restaurant reservations in advance to better the chances of getting the desired time, date, and location. It is not uncommon for the most popular restaurants to be booked weeks or months in advance.

Tip: Fine dining on Maui will typically be “resort chic” (trendy) attire. This fine dining experience on Maui tend to offer amazing ambiance and spectacular views.

Local Experience

Many guests are looking for an authentically local experiences while here on Maui. From a spam musubi to the popular loco moco, Maui Activity Concierge has many ideas and recommendations for everyone!

Tip: Similar to casual restaurants, local restaurants tend to be very casual. There are many popular restaurants on the island of Maui.

Happy Hour

There are many Happy Hours around the island of Maui. Many start around 3pm and will last until dinner time. Some restaurants have late night happy hours as well.

Tip: The best time to experience happy hour is during any of Maui’s world-famous sunsets. Contact us today and we’ll tell you the best time to grab a drink. Maybe you’ll even see the “green flash!”

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