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September 12, 2016
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Romantic Maui Honeymoon Excursions & Activities

by Matt Morris – Owner & Lead Concierge

From exciting excursions to self-guided tours, the island of Maui features many fun things to see and do for couples celebrating their honeymoon. Each guest is different and while some guests want to experience it all, some guests like to enjoy low-key activities with their significant other. If you need more assistance planing these or other activities, please feel free to directly contact me by email or at 808-868-0253. Here are some of my favorite romantic excursions and activities while on Maui:

Day Trip to Lana’i

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This is one of my all time favorite trips offered from Maui! This relaxing day trip will take you from the Lahaina Harbor in West Maui to the neighboring island of Lana’i by sailing catamaran.  Along the way, you will experience incredible views of the deep blue ocean and the surrounding island of Maui, Lana’i, Moloka’i, and at times the Big Island of Hawai’i off in the distance. One reason why I recommend this trip is that it is really relaxing and easy going, plus it is a great way to visit another island for the day and still return back to Maui the same day. Upon arrival to the island of Lana’i, guests will be free to go enjoy Hulopo’e Beach (a stunning beach that is also a marine preserve), go hiking up to sweetheart rock (perfect for newlyweds!), and enjoy a delicious picnic with a view. Lana’i is a very small island and not that many guests have been to Lana’i and often overlook this as a tour to consider. Another great reason to enjoy this trip is that you will also snorkel and not have to worry bringing any gear as it is included with the trip. There are two really great boats to consider including a Luxury Catamaran that features an amazing BBQ dinner prepared by the captain as well as a city van tour and a Performance Sailing Catamaran which is a little less structured of a tour but is great for couples who like adventures and sailing. Please let us know if we can help you look into these or other custom trips.

Road to Hana


The island’s most scenic and romantic drive is to the small fishing town of Hāna. Located along the island northeastern shoreline, the Road to Hāna is a stretch of road that has roadside waterfalls, stunning beaches, and amazing views of the coastline along the drive. You and your significant other can stop by several great hiking trails, enjoy a local food truck meal, and enjoy the rainforest as the day goes by too. For most guests, this is an all day journey and even though it only about 70 miles each way, the journey takes some time as it is easy to lose track of time when sightseeing and not to mention there are more than 600 hairpin turns and 50 one lane bridges! Guests can consider renting a car such as a Jeep, Convertible, or an Economy car to enjoy the trip on their own using a rental car. You can find more details about Car Rental Options and pricing on our website. It is recommended to plan on being gone for about 10 hours or so pending on how many places you wish to stop and it is helpful to bring a change of dry clothes just in case you end up swimming or going hiking (don’t forget it is the rainforest you are traveling in!). Additionally, you may also find our Road to Hana Guide to be really helpful as it outlines the stops that we enjoy the most and has some additional recommendations in it. Though it is not required to take a guided tour, you may find the Road to Hana Guided Tour is a great way to sit back and relax while the guide does all of the driving and talking. I can also assist you in arranging for a Private Hana Guided Tour pending your interests. Please feel free to Contact Me directly to learn more about the Road to Hana or to help you find the right experience for you.

Luxury Dinner Sail

Enjoy an incredible view of Maui while dining!

This activity is a close tie for one of my personal favorite activities found on Maui.  When celebrating such a special occasion as a honeymoon, it is totally worthwhile to upgrade to a quality dinner sail experience rather than going on a discounted dinner sail. The best dinner sails on Maui feature a great variety of appetizers, adult beverages (non-alcoholic drinks are available too) and feature a tasty dinner menu. There are dinner sails offer from the Lahaina Harbor or the Ma’alaea Harbor making it convenient for guests to access. My personal top recommendation is this Family Owned & Operated Dinner Sail experience that features a plated dinner and you will sit directly outside to have great views of the ocean and the sunset along the way. Candles at each table enhance your experience making even more romantic and your server will come directly to your table and provide any assistance needed throughout the evening. If you are looking for something with even more variety of food and beverage options, this First Class Dinner Sail features a full dinner buffet which includes a premium open bar, assortment of appetizers, prime rib, baby back ribs, mini-salad bar, and desserts with your trip. This trip will also offer complimentary pickup service as well, making it convenient to arrive and depart. If you are looking for something even more private such as a private charter, please feel free to Contact Me directly for more assistance.

Sunset at Haleakalā

Haleakala National Park

Waking up at 2am to go see the sunrise is a little too early for me, and for that reason I usually recommend to guests to wait until the evening to go watch the sunset from the summit area of Haleakalā, Maui’s dormant volcano.  With a summit soaring more than 10,000ft above sea level,it is so easy to see why guests enjoy coming here to enjoy the views.  Though temperatures can dip below 40 degrees with gusty winds, it gives you a little more reason to cuddle up close by to your significant other. When making the drive up to Haleakala, keep in mind that it takes about 2 hours to drive to the summit and getting there early is nice so you can still do a little site seeing before it gets too dark.  Parking is quite limited right before the sunset and getting there early is nice so you can park and then venture out.  If you wish to have a little more privacy away from other guests, there are several smaller parking lots at lower altitudes that you can park at and enjoy the sunset from your car too. For those who may prefer to avoid driving the bending roads up to the summit, you can also take a Haleakalā Sunset Tour or for those interested in the night sky, this Stargazing Tour is incredible to do as well. Looking for an over-the-top experience? Contact Me today to learn about other private tours or excursions to visit Haleakalā.

Helicopter Flights

Helicopter TourAs beautiful as the island of Maui is to see by car, there is something really special about seeing the island from above as it gives you a different perspective of how many regions and climates the island really has.  Departing from the Kahului Airport (OGG), trips can last anywhere between 40 – 60 minutes (approximate) and take guests around the island to see waterfalls, gulches/ravines, the central valley, beaches, and other scenery. When considering doing a helicopter flight, we usually recommend considering doing it in the morning or later afternoon as you can take advantage of early bird rates which will save you $50 per guest! If early mornings or later afternoon flights do no work for you, you can still fly at the regular rate.  One of our all time favorite trips is the West Maui Moloka’i Flight which will take guests over to the neighboring island of Moloka’i to see the world’s tallest sea cliffs (plummeting nearly 3,000ft into the ocean!), beautiful waterfalls, and have the chance to fly over the ocean to see more scenic views. If you prefer to fly around the island of Maui, the Full Circle Island Flight or the Hana & Haleakala Flights are really great too. Please feel free to Contact Me for more information and options for private charters or custom landing arrangements.

Private Horseback Riding Experience

Horseback_Maui_PlainsWhat a romantic way to spend time with your significant other. The island has several working ranches though this one, in particular, is by far the most exclusive offering. Located on the slopes of the dormant Haleakala volcano, this ranch has nearly 800 acres to partially explore during your private guided tour. The ranch itself is privately owned and operated and offers incredible views of the central valley of Maui and the horses and ranch lands are well maintained. You will experience personalized service as every tour they offer is a private tour and they will not require any previous experience to ride. The Ranch offers several different tours including the popular Ranch Rides which are offered in either 2 or 3-hour durations or a Ranch Ride with a Helicopter Landing for guests looking for something a little more over-the-top. If you wish to continue to enhance your experience even more, contact me directly to add some champagne or a private picnic for your experience

Start Planning Today!

We hope that this information has been helpful and I would be happy to personally assist you in making arrangements for any of the activities above or to help you explore or enhance any experience you wish to have while on Maui.  During your honeymoon stay, we strive to ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime to create memories for years to come.  Please let me or my team know how we can help you make your Maui honeymoon even better.  Start planning today by contacting us directly at 808-868-0253 or by email. We look forward to being of assistance to you!

Mahalo nui,

Matt Morris
Owner & Lead Concierge

Maui Activity Concierge, LLC
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