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November 25, 2016
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Maui Activity Adventures

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by Matt Morris, Lead Concierge

Maui is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.  From the thrill of zipping across gulches and ravines on a zipline trip to getting up close and personal with the Humpback whales, the island certainly has someone fun for everyone to enjoy. The island offers many activities in general though we wanted to share some of our all-time top favorite activity adventures with you for your consideration when visiting Maui. We welcome guests to visit our website to confirm though we are more than willing to help you find the right trips and answer any questions you have about the trips below or other options.  Feel free to contact us directly for any assistance!

Whale Watching

maui whale watch

Maui Whale Watching

Each year, the Humpback whales make their annual return back to the island starting mid-December to late April. In addition to giving birth to their young, whales also come to the island to mate.  This exciting adventure is known to give guests the chance to see the Humpback whales up close and observe a variety of behavior such as breeching, peck slaps, and other behaviors. Though a lot of this behavior is common to see, scientists are still learning more about the whales to better understand their behavior and why they demonstrate such displays. If you are looking for a really awesome adventure, this Beach Loading Whale Watching Tour is perfect for you.  Departing directly from the world famous Kaanapali Beach in West Maui, guests will enjoy a 2 hour long whale watch on board a smaller, less crowded vessel, to enjoy whale watching.  This tour operates daily and is great for those guests looking for a smaller, less crowded tour.  Guests are $50.00+taxes and children are $25.00+taxes. Plan ahead and book your next Whale Watching Tour this winter online here.

Canopy Zipline

maui zipline canopy tour

Zip from treetop to treetop

Located in beautiful upcountry Maui, this exciting 7 line zipline will certainly give you the added adventure to your Maui vacation.  This tour is quite unique in that you are zipping from treetop to treetop throughout the course and will get the chance to zip over several amazing canyons, gulches, and ravines during your tour.  Typically  your group size will be under ten guests, making it for a smaller tour group size which is always nice not to have to wait so long in between guests. For those guests who are still a little nervous, no worries at all – your guides are there to help ensure you have a great time too and they are never shy to ensure that guests smile, laugh, and overall have a great time on the tour. This zipline is located upcountry Maui so if you are planning going up to Haleakala National Park at some point during your stay, this is a great option to consider since it is located fairly close to the main highway to take you there. You can book this exciting 7 Line Canopy Tour online today or contact us for more information.  Guests are $99.00+tax each.

Ocean Rafting

maui ocean rafting tour

Fun Ocean Rafting Tour

This is perhaps one of the most thrilling activities on Maui.  Departing from Kihei (South Maui), this hard bottom raft scoots along the top of the water at high speeds and allows guests to arrive to the snorkeling destinations sooner, rather than later.  One of the things we like mostly about this trip is that they go down to the Kanaio Coastline, a remote area in South Maui where not to many of the larger boats can access due to the water depths (don’t worry, it is still plenty deep to snorkel – the larger boats just require more depth between the bottom of the boat and the bottom compared to the rafts). In addition to see the beautiful corals, you guide will also take your around the lava rocks for some amazing views of where the lava once flowed into the ocean.  Sea caves and stunning rock formations are also commonly found here too.  After departing Kanaio, it is off to the famous Molokini Crater for the second half of your tour.  The Molokini Crater is located about 2 miles off the southern shore of Maui.  This unique crescent shape island features an amazing snorkeling experience with several different locations the captain can choose to visit.  It is common to see an abundance of reef life here including fish, corals, turtles, and eels.  Book your next Ocean Rafting Experience online today or contact us with more questions.

Snorkeling & Performance Sailing

Maui sailing and snorkeling tour

Sail & Snorkeling Tour

Not your ordinary snorkeling trip!  This performance sailing catamaran is known to have a crew that really knows how to sail. Departing from the Ma’alaea Harbor in Central Maui, your tour will take you out to the Famous Molokini Crater to enjoy a nice morning out at the Molokini Crater. Here you will have a great chance of seeing corals, fish, turtles, and other marine life. All of the snorkeling gear and instructions are included and you always have friendly crew on board to help you have a great time out on the water.  After snorkeling it’s time to head back out to the open waters to enjoy some sailing.  This 48’ Catamaran is pretty quick and it is always a highlight of our guests visit on the boat.  Your tour will be from 7:30am to 12:30pm and departs daily.  Guests are $120+taxes and children are $60.00+taxes.  Book your next Sailing & Snorkeling Trip to Molokini online today or contact us with more questions.

Day Trip to Lana’i

Enjoy the pristine waters and beach at Hulopoe Beach.

Snorkel, swim, or just relax on the Beach at Hulopoe Beach park

Guests are discovering the beautiful island of Lana’i is becoming more and more accessible as options for visiting the neighboring island to be easier. Many guests really enjoy visiting the island on one of two exciting trips, both departing from the Lahaina Harbor on Maui’s West end. The first trip is a little more structured on this Family Owned & Operated catamaran and will include a variety of services such as continental breakfast, deli style lunch, and a BBQ dinner prepared by the Captain.  Additionally guests will be able to snorkel, hike up to Pu’u Pehe (sweetheart rock) and take a van tour up to Lana’i City to check out what island life is like there. Upon return back to Maui, guests will enjoy refreshments such as adult beverages and other drink options. Check out this exciting structured day trip to Lana’i here.  If are you looking for something a little smaller and less structured, this Performance Sailing Day Trip may be better for you.  Departing from the Lahaina Harbor, this trip will take you over to Lana’i on a sailing catamaran and gives you the chance to snorkel at a unique location, go hiking, take a swim on the beach, or just relax under the shade and enjoy your picnic lunch.  On the return back, enjoy a mid-ocean swim in the Auau Channel along with some ice cold beverages. You can book this exciting Performance Sailing Day Trip online or contact us for more questions about either choice.

Looking for more adventures on Maui or need help with other recommendations and options?  No worries, you can find more of our Favorite Activities online or contact us today at 808-868-0253 and we are happy to share some more options that fit your needs as a guest.  We look forward to being of further assistance to you!

Mahalo nui,

Matt Morris

Lead Concierge
Maui Activity Concierge, LLC
Email | Phone: 808-868-0253


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