How to Pick The Best Luau On Maui
June 14, 2019
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What Is A Concierge?
A concierge is a professional that should be someone that is your “go to” person if you have any questions or need additional feedback about restaurants, trip options, and other planning needs. While as a concierge we strive to have the answers to every question tough sometimes requests may need a little more time to collect information and report back with their finding to guests.  A concierge can truly be your best friend when it comes to providing information.

Why Should I Use A Concierge?
A concierge is usually is locally to where you are visiting and can provide some helpful ideas and information based on your needs as not all options are right for everyone. They can be a really great resource if you are unfamiliar with the area you are traveling or if you want to find unique things to check out in the event you have been to the destination before. Often times a concierge is well connected and might be able to help you out with last minute availability.

Is There A Cost?
Every concierge operation is different and not all concierge services will charge a fee for use of their services. Some operations will have hourly rates though the average concierge is typically a complimentary service and can be a wealth of information. Maui Activity Concierge does not implement hour fees to utilize our service.

Can A Concierge Get Me Into Sold Out Events?
Like anything in life, it is about who you know though a concierge makes every effort to get guests tickets to their desired items though sometimes when an option is simply sold out or not available, we have to find the next best alternative.

Should I Offer a Gratuity To My Concierge?
Providing your concierge with a gratuity is usually welcomed and appreciated. Guests commonly ask how much a gratuity should be though from our experience, we believe that it is solely based on the guests experience they had and interactions and about the level of service provided.

How Can Maui Activity Concierge Help Me?
Our services are unique in that we are a full-service concierge provider based 100% here on Maui and most of the options we book are Maui based. Our operation is more than just an activity booking company, we book restaurants, car rentals, and a variety of services including private chefs, car services, photographers, cultural lessons, and custom tours and & experiences. Visit us online at to learn more or contact us at 808-868-0253 or

How Can I Contact Matt?

Aloha! My name is Matt Morris and I am the lead concierge & founder at Maui Activity Concierge, LLC. I started this operation based on my passion for the hospitality industry and my love for the island of Maui. Maui Activity Concierge is a full-service experience and we can help you arrange just about anything you may need for your time here on Maui.  From unique one-of-a-kind activities to luaus and snorkeling trips, we are here to help make your time on Maui enjoyable and relaxing. Advance planning is REQUIRED here on Maui so please contact me by phone at 808-868-0253 to get started planning your next Maui vacation!


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